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  • Title: 广告风云 / Guang Gao Feng Yun
  • English title: Ad Mania
  • Genre: Modern
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast period: 2012
  • Theme song: Si Shi Er Fei (似是而非) Specious by Raymond Lam
  • Insert song: Huo Xu Lai De Ji (或许来得及) Perhaps There's Still Time by Yuan Hong


The advertisement industry may be cut-throat crazy, but it is the perfect place for Long Tian Jue's brilliantly creative mind. The man never had a setback in his life until he antagonized Ruan Xin Li. With her jumping ship with the client list to their competitor, Long has to buckle down and be a team player to help their agency overcome the crisis.


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