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City Conquest


  • Tittle: 도시정벌 / Dosi Jeongbeol
  • Also known as: City Conquest / Conquer the City
  • Genre:
  • Status:CANCELLED


City Conquest is a Korean comic book that was released in the year of 1996. To date, nearly 270 issues has been published. The story is about a man named "Back Mir" who fights corruption. The City Conquest is all about the rampant law, the evil in our society and the action of romance by Baek Miru. Lee Dan-bi born with love, Tae Soo-min who makes love while Cha Chi-rong who only looks towards one woman.

In February 2013, prospective broadcaster KBS denied it a slot in their 2013 drama lineup, because network officials found the series "too violent" and its quality not up to their standards. Unable to secure a slot with the other two major channels in Korea, MBC and SBS, filming was halted and the project cancelled.


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