Doyo Wide Gekijo

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  • Title: 土曜ワイド劇場
  • Title (romaji): Doyo Wide Gekijo
  • Also known as: Saturday Night at the Theater / Mystery Theater (KIKU-TV)*
  • Episodes: 1059 (as of 2008-Oct-25)
  • Genre: Tanpatsu-formatted weekly mystery series
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: Saturday 21:00 to 22:54
  • Broadcast start: 1977-Jul-02


Doyo Wide Gekijo is a weekly mystery series. Virtually all storylines follow along the following path:

  • A murder occurs early on.
  • A lead person attempts to solve the case.
  • A murderer is found, and usually confesses.

Each week features a fresh new cast and storyline. Most of the cast consist of B-artists or artists who were big at one time but are on the decline in popularity.

Theme Songs

  • Smile again, by BoA (2007-Jul to present)
  • Mosukoshi, by Kiroro (2003-Oct to 2007-Jun)
  • Hokkyokusei, by Gospellers (2003-Jan to 2003-Sep)
  • Promised You, by ZARD (2000-Apr to 2002-Dec)
  • JOY, by TRF (1998-Oct to 2000-Mar)
  • Anata no Sono Mune ni, by Matsuda Seiko (1997-Apr to 1998-Sep)
  • Anata no Ai ni Naritai, by Karashima Midori (1996-Jul to 1997-Mar)

Key Shows


  • Although KIKU-TV assigned the series the English name Mystery Theater (2004), other shows aired on KIKU-TV under the same name come from other sources. Doyo Wide Gekijo occupied the first 54 episodes on KIKU-TV. KIKU-TV then switched to TBS' Monday Night Mystery Theater (月曜ミステリー劇場) in 2005.

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