Emergency Couple

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Emergency Couple


  • Title: 응급남녀 / Eunggeubnamnyeo
  • Also known as: Emergency Man and Woman / 119 Couple
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, family, medical
  • Episodes: 21
  • Broadcast network: tvN
  • Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-24 to 2014-Apr-05
  • Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:40
  • Original Soundtrack: Emergency Couple OST


A romantic comedy about a couple who got married during medical school but due to their clashing personalities divorced soon afterwards. They are reunited six years later as interns at a hospital. Will love strike again for the two?


Main Cast
  • Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee (33, intern)
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min (30, intern)
  • Lee Pil Mo as Gook Chun Soo (35, chief of Department of Emergency Medicine)
  • Choi Yeo Jin as Shim Ji Hye (35, assistant professor of surgery)
  • Clara as Han Ah Reum (26, intern)
Hospital Staff
  • Yoon Jong Hoon as Im Yong Kyu (27, intern)
  • Im Hyun Sung as Park Sang Hyuk (27, intern)
  • Chun Min Hee (천민희) as Lee Young Ae (26, intern, Sang Hyuk's wife)
  • Choi Bum Ho as Go Joong Hoon (late 50s, chief of Department of Emergency)
  • Park Sung Geun (박성근) as Ahn Young Pil (38, surgeon)
  • Huh Jae Ho (허재호) as Jang Dae Il (3rd year resident)
  • Kwon Min as Kim Min Ki (1st year resident)
  • Kim Hyun Sook (김현숙) as Choi Mi Jung (40, head nurse of emergency room)
  • Lee Sun Ah as Heo Young Ji (25, nurse of emergency room)
  • Choi Yoo Ra (최유라) as Son Ye Seul (23, nurse of emergency room)
People around Oh Jin Hee
People around Oh Chang Min
  • Park Joon Geum as Yoon Sung Sook (58, Chang Min's mother)
  • Kang Shin Il as Oh Tae Suk (62, Chang Min's father)
  • Park Ji Il as Yoon Sung Gil (Chang Min's uncle)
  • ??? as Yoon Sung Mi (Chang Min's first aunt)
  • ??? as Yoon Sung Ja (Chang Min's second aunt)

Production Credits

Episode Ratings

Note: This drama airs on cable channel / pay TV which has a relatively small audience compared to free TV / public broadcasters (KBS, MBC, SBS, and EBS).

Source: AGB Nielsen Korea

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