Hua Kai Ban Xia

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Hua Kai Ban Xia


  • Title: 花开半夏 / Hua Kai Ban Xia
  • English title: Flower Blooms in The Mid-summer
  • Genre: Modern drama, romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-30 to 2013-Dec-22
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:00 (2 episodes nightly)
  • Opening theme song: Ni De Lei Shui Jin Leng Le Xia Tian (你的泪水浸冷了夏天) Your Tears Soaked The Summer by Han Cheng Yu
  • Ending theme song: Na Pian Hai (那片海) That Sea by Han Cheng Yu ft. Liu Xin (刘忻)


At the age of 7, Wei Ru Feng was taken into the home of Grandmother Xia and brought up with her granddaughter Xia Ru Hua who'd also lost both parents at a young age. After Grandmother's death 10 years later, the two depended on each other for survival and profound feelings develop. Their peaceful lives are disrupted after an unexpected incident - Ru Hua is raped by a juvenile delinquent named A Fu, and during an enraged Ru Feng's quest for revenge, he meets business proprietor Cheng Hao. Drastic changes occur in Ru Feng's life from that moment on as he's sucked into a vortex of material temptation and emotional instability. Meanwhile, the truth behind Ru Feng's family background comes to light...


Supporting Casts

  • Ma Xiao Can (马晓灿) as 叶彤 Ye Tong
  • Michael Miu as 程豪 Cheng Hao (Ru Hua's & Xiu Xiu's father)
  • Kan Qing Zi as 林珊 Lin Shan (Ru Hua's classmate)
  • You Yong as 叶向荣 Ye Xiang Rong (Ye Tong's father)
  • Gui Ya Lei as Grandmother (Ru Hua's grandmother, Xia Lin's mother)
  • Fei Long (肥龙) as 瓜仔 Gua Zai (Ru Feng's best friend)
  • Jaime Chik as 夏林 Xia Lin (Ru Hua's mother)
  • Fang Zi Bin as 郑同 Zheng Tong (Ru Feng's father)
  • Sun He (孙赫) as 祥叔 Uncle Xiang
  • Wei Yi Bo (韦奕波) as 滨哥 Bin Ge (Cheng Hao's men)
  • Yang Xiao Bo (杨晓波) as 阿九 Ah Jiu (Cheng Hao's men)
  • Wei Wei (魏巍) as 阿福 A Fu
  • Zhou Yi (周毅) as 魏妈 Wei Ma (Ru Feng's mother)

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