Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008

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Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008



When their husbands were killed by the Song army, two pregnant women found safe haven in foreign lands. Li Ping gave birth to Guo Jing, a sturdy but blockheaded young man who roamed the Mongolian prairie with the family of Temujin. Bao Xi Ruo gave birth to Yang Kang, a smart and crafty young man who became the son of Wanyan Hong Lie, a successor of the Jin empire. When a pact between their martial arts masters brought them together and the truth behind their fathers' deaths was revealed, one found martial arts enlightenment and a cause greater than his own while the other descended into darkness and destroyed everything and everyone around him.


Peach Blossom Island

Seven Freaks of the South

Beggar Clan




Mount White Camel


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  • In September 2006, Hu Ge underwent facial skin grafting surgery after a car accident. The filming for Legend of the Condor Heroes resumed in September 2007.

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