Schemes of a Beauty

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Mei Ren Xin Ji


  • Title: 美人心计 / Mei Ren Xin Ji
  • Also known as: Schemes of a Beauty
  • Genre: Period drama, romance
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: Shanghai TV
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-15
  • Opening theme song: Luo Hua (落花) by Ruby Lin
  • Ending theme song: Jiao Fang Dian (椒房殿) by Mickey He


During the early Western Han Dynasty, the young 杜云溪s mother was drawn into a palace conflict between Lu 皇后 (Dai Chun Rong) and 薄姬夫人 (Bai Shan) which resulted in her mother and 慎儿's parents being killed. When she grew up, she unexpectedly entered the palace with 慎儿 as 家人子. She displayed extraordinary talents with 1 example being when she arranged for Consort Zhou's child to be swapped under the care of 张皇后. Her intellects impressed Lu 太后and she was sent with 莫雪艳;阿丑 (Yang Mi) as her servant- in- waiting to marry 代王 so that both of them could spy on the every moves of 代王 and his mother, 薄姬夫人. 杜云溪 even has to change her name to 窦漪房 and her family background.

In order to help 代王 with his aspirations of being the Emperor, but at the same time not let Lu太后 suspect anything as 慎儿 is in her hands, 1 of the things that she suggested to 代王 is to train his army under the disguise of building his grand ceremonial tomb. Some of the officials of 代王's court believed that 窦漪房 is bringing the downfall of the kingdom, pleaded with 代王 to divorce and remove her from the 王后's position. But nonetheless, 代王's love for her did not lessen at all.

Their alliance finally led them to ascend to the throne of the glorious empire, with 刘恒 as 汉文帝, and 窦漪房 as his 皇后. But at the pinnacle of her power, she realized that her personal life was slipping away from her. In order to clear up the misunderstanding with 刘恒, who, in a fit of anger, bedded the willing 慎儿, who got pregnant just once, stop her 2 children from killing 慎儿’s son, and etc, she weaved her womanly tactics and brains to overcome every obstacle, and forged one of the golden ages in China history known as 文景之治. Her name is recorded in history as 汉文帝's 窦皇后.


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