Nobunaga no Chef

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Nobunaga no Chef



  • Title: 信長のシェフ
  • Title (romaji): Nobunaga no Shefu
  • Title (English): A Chef of Nobunaga
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre:
  • Episodes: 9
  • Viewership rating: 10.8
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-11 to Mar-15
  • Air time: Friday 23:15
  • Theme song: My Resistance - Tashikana Mono by Kis-My-Ft2


Based on the manga by Nishimura Mitsuru and Kajikawa Takuro, this drama is about time travel. A chef by the name of Ken, somehow manages to go back in time to the Sengoku period. However, he loses his memory in the process. He is thought to be a spy, and in his haste to escape capture, he dives into the river. He is saved by Natsu, a swordsmith. He doesn't remember his own past, or the fact that he came from the future, but he remembers cooking well. He is soon recruited by Oda Nobunaga to be his Head Chef. --TV Asahi


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Episode Information

Episode Subtitle Ratings
1 A Chef from the Heisei Period time slips to the Warring State period?! 11.6
2 The Heisei Chef goes to the battle field! Infiltrates the enemy's kitchen 09.9
3 Teriyaki War!! Shogun VS Heisei Chef 10.1
4 Ieyasu's betrayal!? Help Nobunaga out of his crisis with tempura! 11.3
5 Heisei Chef is a spy!! Assassinating Nobunaga's sister!? 10.9
6 10.7
7 11.8
8 10.3
9 11.0
Average 10.8

Source: Tokyohive


  • Tv-Asahi will air part two of this drama starting 2014-July Source

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