Queens of Diamonds and Hearts

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Queens of Diamonds and Hearts


  • Title: 東西宮略 / 东西宫略
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Tung Sai Kung Leuk / Dong Xi Gong E
  • English title: Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
  • Episodes: 25
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-27 to 2012-Apr-01
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30


King Chai (Roger Kwok) is the inept ruler of Qi, a state surrounded by larger neighbours and beset with hidden internal and overt external threats. The guardian spirits of Qi come to the aid of Qi and King Chai by arranging for Chung Mo Yim (Fala Chen) to become the Queen of Qi. Chung Mo Yim is skilled in magic, martial arts and the use of strategms, however she has been born with a prominent birth mark on her face and King Chai finds her ugly. The opponents of Qi in turn arrange for King Chai to become infatuated with Ha Ying Chun (Sharon Chan). King Chai takes both Chung Mo Yim and Ha Ying Chun as co-wives, with Chung Mo Yim becoming Queen of the West Palace and Ha Ying Chun becoming Queen of the East Palace.


Correlation chart
  • Roger Kwok - King Chai - Current Monarch, Chung Mo Yim and Ha Ying Chun's husband
  • Fala Chen - Chung Mo Yim - Was Queen of West Palace before switching with Ha Ying Chun.
  • Sharon Chan - Ha Ying Chun - Was Queen of East Palace before requesting to switch to West Palace.
  • Louis Yuen - King Chai's Subject, Chong Mo Wai's lover
  • Ben Wong - Lord Suen Yeung, King Chai's brother. Loves Ha Ying Chun
  • Yoyo Chen - Tsui Kei, Lord Suen Yeung's wife
  • Koni Lui - Chung Mo Wai, Chung Mo Yim's Junior Sister
  • Oscar Leung - Dyun Muk Jing, King Chai's Subject, Princess Tin Wan's boyfriend
  • Raymond Cho - Keung Chik Yan, King Chai's Subject, Sharon Chan's old lover
  • Bella Lam - Princess Tin Wan
  • Gigi Ho - An Kiu, marries Keung Chik Yan
  • Casper Chan
  • Joey Mak

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