Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year

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Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year


  • Title: 租个女友回家过年 / Zu Ge Nv You Hui Jia Guo Nian
  • Also known as: Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year
  • Episodes: 24
  • Genres: Romantic comedy
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast year: 2010
  • Opening theme song: 给我你的爱 (Give Me Your Love) by 冷中易 原梓霏
  • Ending theme song: 爱渐渐离开 by 原梓霏


Chu Xiao Xiao, is an independent, liberal thinking, wealthy, college student raised by a single mother. When her family goes bankrupt and her mother goes missing, Xiao Xiao is forced to find a job to pay off creditors. Sun Yi Wei is the serious and stubborn son of a prestigious ancestral family. He graduated from Qinghua University before studying abroad and returning to work at a prominent Beijing IT company. However, Yi Wei is now over 30 years old and his family is starting to pressure him to get married by sending him off to matchmaking sessions.

When Xiao Xiao and Yi Wei first meet she beats him up over a misunderstanding. Needless to say, it was hate at first sight. To stop his family's meddling, Yi Wei tells them he already has a girlfriend. Thrilled, they demand he bring her home for Chinese New Year. So, Yi Wei needs to find a girlfriend, and fast. His best friend suggests he put out a personal ad online to rent a girlfriend. To his surprise, it is Xiao Xiao who responds to the ad.

The pair make a contract and Xiao Xiao becomes Yi Wei's fake girlfriend for two weeks of New Year celebrations. But can the couple who can't stop bickering really convince his family they are in love? Or will playing house finally heal Yi Wei's broken heart? This adorable and touching romance is told with a unique blend of modern China and ancient tradition.


  • Du Chun as Sun Yi Wei 孙翌伟
  • Xue Jia Ning as Chu Xiao Xiao 楚笑笑
  • Zhu Lin 竹灵 as Shang Xiao Tian 尚小甜(Xiao Xiao's best friend)
  • Yuan Wen Kang as Fu Zuo 符佐 (Yi Wei's best friend)
  • Yuan Zi Fei 原梓霏 as Tong Jie 佟洁 (Yi Wei's ex-girlfriend)
  • Joe Easy 冷中易 as Zhong Lei 钟磊 (Yi Wei's nephew)

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