SBS Monday & Tuesday Night 21:55

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SBS Monday & Tuesday Night (9:55 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Six Flying Dragons 2015-Oct-05 2016-Mar-22
Mrs. Cop 2015-Aug-03 2015-Sep-29
High Society 2015-Jun-08 2015-July-28
Heard It Through the Grapevine 2015-Feb-23 2015-Jun-02
Punch 2014-Dec-15 2015-Feb-17
Secret Door 2014-Sep-22 2014-Dec-09
Temptation 2014-Jul-14 2014-Sep-16
Doctor Stranger 2013-Apr-28 2014-Jul-08
God's Gift - 14 Days 2013-Dec-02 2014-Apr-22
One Warm Word 2013-Dec-02 2014-Feb-25
The Strange Housekeeper 2013-Sep-23 2013-Nov-26
Empire of Gold 2013-Jul-01 2013-Sep-17
Jang Ok Jung 2013-Apr-13 2013-Jun-25
Queen of Ambition 2013-Jan-14 2013-Apr-02
The King of Dramas 2012-Nov-05 2013-Jan-01
Faith 2012-Aug-13 2012-Oct-30
The Chaser 2012-May-28 2012-Jul-24
Fashion King 2012-Mar-19 2012-May-22
History of the Salaryman 2012-Jan-02 2012-Mar-13
A Thousand Days' Promise 2011-Sep-26 2011-Dec-20
Warrior Baek Dong Soo 2011-Jul-04 2011-Oct-20
Lie to Me 2011-May-09 2011-Jun-28
Midas 2011-Feb-22 2011-May-03
Athena: Goddess of War 2010-Dec-13 2011-Feb-21
Giant 2010-May-10 2010-Dec-07
Jejoongwon 2010-Jan-04 2010-May-04
Dream 2009-Jul-27 2009-Sep-29
Ja Myung Go 2009-Mar-09 2009-Jul-21
Terroir 2008-Dec-01 2009-Feb-17
Tazza 2008-Sep-16 2008-Nov-25
Gourmet 2008-Jun-17 2008-Sep-09
Tokyo Shower 2008-Jun-02 2008-Jun-10
I Love You 2008-Apr-07 2008-May-27
The King and I 2007-Aug-27 2008-Apr-01
Catch a Kang Nam Mother 2007-Jun-25 2007-Aug-21
My Man's Woman 2007-Apr-02 2007-Jun-19
The Person I Love 2007-Jan-15 2007-Mar-27
Snow Flower 2006-Nov-20 2007-Jan-09
Common Single 2006-Sep-25 2006-Nov-07
Stranger than Paradise 2006-Jul-31 2006-Sep-19
101st Proposal 2006-May-29 2006-Jul-25
Alone in Love 2006-Apr-03 2006-May-23
Ballad of Suh Dong 2005-Sep-05 2006-Mar-21
Fashion 70's 2005-May-23 2005-Aug-29
Bad Housewife 2005-Mar-21 2005-May-17
Three Leaf Clover 2005-Jan-17 2005-Mar-14
Love Story in Harvard 2004-Nov-22 2005-Jan-11
Jang Gil San 2004-May-17 2004-Nov-16
New Human Market 2004-Mar-08 2004-May-11
King's Woman 2003-Oct-06 2004-Mar-02
Rustic Period 2002-Jul-29 2003-Sep-30
Ladies of the Palace 2001-Feb-05 2002-Jul-23
Rookie 2000-Dec-11 2001-Jan-30
Anger of Angel 2000-Oct-23 2000-Dec-05
The Thief's Daughter 2000-May-29 2000-Oct-10
Legends of Love 2000-Mar-06 2000-May-23
Woman on Top 1999-Sep-13 2000-Feb-28
Ghost 1999-Jul-06 1999-Aug-31
Eun Shil 1998-Nov-09 1999-Jul-06
White Night 3.98 1998-Aug-31 1998-Nov-03
Song of the Wind 1998-Feb-20 1998-Jul-28
Women (여자) 1997-Apr-07 1997-Oct-07
Jang Hee Bin (SBS) 1995-Feb-20 1995-Sep-26
Marriage (결혼) 1993-Oct-25 1994-Apr-12
How's Your Husband? 1993-Feb-22 1993-Oct-19