Sire Ma

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Sire Ma


  • Name: 馬賽 (马赛) / Ma Choi (Ma Sai)
  • English name: Sire Ma
  • Real name: 司馬賽 (司马赛) / Sima Choi (Sima Sai)
  • Profession: Actress
  • Birthdate: 1987-Jul-31 (age 30)
  • Birthplace: Chongqing, China
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Chinese zodiac: Rabbit

TV Series



  • Education" Hong Kong Baptist University (Film and Television degree)
  • Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, and English
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • 2008 Miss Hong Kong Pageant: 2nd runner up
  • Ma and her family moved to Shenzhen, Guangdong when she was 10.

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