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  • Title: TV소설 / TV Soseol
  • Broadcast network: KBS1 and KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 1987, 1995 to 2009, 2011 to present

About TV Novel

TV Novel (TV소설) was the name of a KBS1 daily morning drama series that ended in 2009. It was a collection of TV shows that usually feature a wide variety of characters whose lifes intersect in a small town. The long number of episodes in each story allowed characters to be fully developed and explored in depth. The first show named Love aired on 2 March 1987.

The broadcast of TV Novels ended in 2009 mostly due to production costs, but started airing again in November 2011 on KBS2.

Air Time

Channel Broadcast period Air time Episode length
KBS1 1987-Mar-02 to 1987-Oct-08 Monday to Friday 7:25 45 minutes
1996-Mar-04 to 2007-Apr-28 Monday to Saturday 8:05 25 minutes
2007-Apr-30 to 2009-Apr-17 Monday to Friday 7:50 35 minutes
KBS2 1995-May-01 to 1996-Mar-02 Monday to Saturday 8:30 30 minutes
2011-Nov-07 to present Monday to Friday 9:00 40 minutes

TV Shows

Start date End date Title Episodes
1987-Mar-02 1987-Apr-03 Love TV소설-사랑
1987-Apr-06 1987-May-15 Sanyuhwa TV소설-산유화
1987-May-18 1987-Jun-24 Sunaebo TV소설-순애보
1987-Jul-01 1987-Aug-05 Yeongwonhan Miso TV소설-영원한 미소
1987-Aug-10 1987-Oct-08 Jinjutap TV소설-진주탑
1995-May-01 1995-Oct-14 Gil TV소설-길 (KBS2)
1995-Oct-16 1996-Mar-02 Yeoul 여울 (KBS2)
1996-Mar-04 1996-Aug-29 Eunhasu TV소설-은하수
1996-Sep-02 1997-Mar-01 White Dandelion TV소설-하얀 민들레
1997-Mar-03 1997-Nov-01 Chowonui Bit TV소설-초원의 빛
1997-Nov-03 1998-May-02 Mojeongui Gang TV소설-모정의 강
1998-May-04 1998-Sep-18 Neowa Naui Norae TV소설-너와 나의 노래
1998-Sep-21 1999-Apr-03 Eunahui Ddeul TV소설-은아의 뜰
1999-Apr-05 1999-Sep-25 Dangsin TV소설-당 신
1999-Sep-27 2000-Apr-15 Sister's Mirror TV소설-누나의 거울
2000-Apr-17 2000-Oct-21 Dandelion TV소설-민들레
2000-Oct-23 2001-Apr-21 Promise 156
2001-Apr-23 2001-Nov-03 Flower Story 167
2001-Nov-05 2002-Aug-03 Stepmother 223
2002-Aug-05 2003-Apr-19 Album of Life 219
2003-Apr-21 2003-Nov-15 Buni 178
2003-Nov-17 2004-Jun-12 Briar Flower 180
2004-Jun-14 2005-Jan-29 You are a Star 196
2005-Jan-31 2005-Apr-22 Wind Flower 179
2005-Aug-29 2006-Mar-18 Hometown Station 174
2006-Mar-20 2006-Nov-04 As the River Flows 198
2006-Nov-06 2007-Apr-28 Sunok 150
2007-Apr-30 2007-Nov-09 Landscape in My Heart 138
2007-Nov-12 2008-Jun-06 Belle 149
2008-Jun-08 2009-Jan-02 Big Sister 150
2009-Jan-05 2009-Apr-17 Glory of Youth 75
2011-Nov-07 2012-May-04 Dear My Sister (KBS2) 130
2012-May-07 2013-Jan-04 Love, My Love (KBS2) 175
2013-Jan-07 2013-Jun-21 Samsaengi (KBS2) 120
2013-Jun-24 2014-Jan-03 Eun Hee (KBS2) 140
2014-Jan-06 2014-Jun-29 Gold Land (KBS2) 163
2014-Aug-25 2015-?? Abiding Love Dandelion (KBS2) 100+

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