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If you're going to add an official Dennis Oh web site, make sure the site is REALLY official. The last site put up by Bomee is registered under some person in New York. Remember - NO FAN SITES!!!!

why no official fan sites? this rule is illogical! ~bomee

The logic behind the ban of fansite is described in details at this link. Basically, DramaWiki is anti-fancruft. And DramaWiki does not associate with fansites that dish out fancruft. The other issue is your use of the word "official". If the site is indeed "official", there are certain characteristics of the site and its domain name. Simply, the domain name is registered under a company, and not some single person living half-way around the world from South Korea. Also, the look of the site looks very amateur-ish; if it was indeed an "official" site, it would be properly managed by people who have better artistic taste when it comes to web site design. Anyone can coin a web site as "official". What proof do you have to establish the fact that this Dennis Oh fellow does indeed put his seal of approval on the site? Groink 17:28, 4 Jun 2007 (CDT)