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Rating based on max of 10.
Remarks by Inexplicableromance in HISTORY: Not sure, but 10 is definitely not the max. Because, 1: Ethan says he will skinny-dip if the ratings break 10 (it's all over the news). 2: There was this 8PM drama that had a finale with a 10+ rating. And actually, maybe there isn't a max. Why would there be a max. if it's the number of viewers who are watching? They're viewship ratings afterall, not critics ratings.

We have to keep in mind this is rating system kept by Chinatimes, in which 10 represents 100% of Taiwanese is watching this show. As for 8PM drama you mention, is it also rated under the Chinatimes system? If so, please provide the name of the show and date it broke 10. Thank you.

PS. When Ethan was stating breaking 10, he literally means hitting 10. --WaterOB 22:02, 9 Jun 2008 (CDT)

I did some research and found on the show Inexplicableromance was referring to. It's called 台灣霹靂火 (Taiwan Pi Li Huo), aired between 2002-2003. Its highest rating was 15.72.--WaterOB 14:02, 19 Jun 2008 (CDT)