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Jesus! Is it 20 or 30?

Why am I keep seeing the number of episodes switch between 20 and 30? The constant changes really disturb me for two reasons: 1) lack of research, and 2) lack of credibility on the part of the article itself. Would some OTHER editor please do the proper research and FINALIZE the episode count? Mahalo nui loa! Groink 17:17, 29 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Hmm, both are correct in a way.. but it's 20 episodes on CTV's original 1.5 hour timeslot, it's about 30 episodes on 1 hour timeslots on other TV stations. I'm thinking of keeping it at CTV's 20. --A10203040 04:50, 30 Sep 2006 (EDT)


What's wrong with the synopsis revised on 15:06, 5 Dec 2006? The current synopsis reads like a book excerpt instead of a synopsis. --WaterOB 19:44, 21 Dec 2006 (CST)

My opinion? Most people can't write a synopsis, period. Rather, they're good at writing paragraphs of what one of my professors would call BOS (bunch of sh*t), and MAYBE somewhere in the mumbo-jumbo he'll hit upon the actual synopsis of the show. Personally, I would rather have someone who actually WATCHED the drama (i.e. write something UNIQUE to DramaWiki) write just a few sentences touching the important points of the show, than to have someone who's never seen the drama translate the MILES and MILES of translated crap from original site. If an editor cannot summarize the premiss of the show in just one to five sentences, I'd rather have the entire section left blank. But because some editors feel that the drama article MUST have a synopsis, most of the so-called synopses I've read for many of the Korean and Chinese dramas are written like this. Groink 22:14, 21 Dec 2006 (CST)
Unfortunately, the ppl who wrote BOS for Chinese dramas are the ppl who actually watched the shows (and read the manga). It seemed that if they didn't mention "this and that", then they were doing a disservice to their favorite shows. Myself included, sigh... Tho' I prefer to entice ppl with the premise then give a detail report of what happened. --WaterOB 09:07, 22 Dec 2006 (CST)
Same feeling too, sometimes it's just difficult to decide what should go in and what shouldn't. Even some of the longer DramaWiki synopsis' are very short compared to how official sources do their "synopsis". There are almost always major subplots or 2nd or 3rd main characters that somehow seem to deserve mention. For me, I'm happy enough if it's around a 2 to 3 short paragraph length.
As for the ISwaK synopsis, I think the last synopsis was formatted better, this some seems like a huge lump. --A10203040 09:58, 22 Dec 2006 (CST)