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Thank you. I've been meaning to ask someone about Jo Hyun-Jae's true birthday. Other reference says May 8, 1980, and others say May 9, 1980, which is which? I know a day is not a big deal, but correct is correct, at least for the record. Again thank you. My name is Tony, and 'am a follower or an admirer or just one of the fans of Jo Hyun-Jae. Again, thank you. Please print your reply on this same page. I'll look this page up again after sometime. -- 22:51, 14 Aug 2005 (EDT)

When googling for 조현재+SBS+1980 lots of webpages and blogs with Jo Hyun Jae's profile come up with 05/09/1980 as the birthdate. I haven't checked them all and I also didn't find an official website. So I assume 05/09/1980 is correct. Where did you found the other date? Was it a trustworthy site? Couldn't it be just a typo? Btw, a MBC website (which I'd consider as "official" and trustworthy) lists also 1980년 5월 9쿼 as DOB. --MoerkJ 10:37, 15 Aug 2005 (EDT)