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Theme Song

In the credit of Karei-naru Ichizoku, it show that the メインテーマ (Main Theme) is the orchestral music that perform by フィルハーモニーア交響楽団 and conduct by Hattori Takayuki. I think the theme song should be this music piece.

I haven't seen this series, so you'll have to help determine this. Basically, the chosen theme music/song should be the music that plays along when displaying the cast names. The theme music doesn't always have to have lyrics or even be a hit song (good example of this is Nodame Cantabile, where the theme music is a piece by Beethoven. Is Desperado incidental music (aka background music)? If it is so, then if the orchestral music plays during the cast listing, it should be chosen as the theme music. Groink 22:38, 17 Mar 2007 (CDT)
I see, then the theme music/song will be "Main Theme" that perform by フィルハーモニーア交響楽団 and conduct by Hattori Takayuki. And the 'Desperado' is incidental music (Japanese Wikipedia also listed it as incidental music). Hope Groink can edit the main music and incidental music on the article because I don't know how to translate the "フィルハーモニーア交響楽団" in English.

What happened to this article?

Why was this article apparently reverted to an older version? --Lady Zhuge 14:39, 25 Sep 2007 (CDT)