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I'm quite sure neither Sun Hai Ying nor You Yong reprised their roles from Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003) in this series. I'm trying to find out who played those roles but I can't seem to finde the right info on the official site.

I haven't seen this series yet, but assuming its sina page is accurate, you're right, two different actors played those roles. I'll make the corrections right now. --Lady Zhuge 22:16, 10 Jan 2008 (CST)
While we're at this, do you (or anyone else) remember if Zhou Hao Dong actually did reprise his role as Qiu Chu Ji in ROCH 2006? I remember reading articles prior to the release of the series that he was going to, but sina (which isn't always accurate/doesn't get updated as the production progresses) lists a different actor. -- Lady Zhuge 22:22, 10 Jan 2008 (CST)
Never mind, I think I know the answer. --Lady Zhuge 23:03, 10 Jan 2008 (CST)
I asked my chinese teacher to translate the names of the actors, and according to her the name of the one who played Ouyang Feng is Di Nai She. I am inclined to believe my teacher is right, but I won't edit it yet. Any idea on why the different pronunciation of the same character?
As for Qiu Chu Ji, I think it was not the same guy, but I couldn't tell very well. The voice is sure different.--Hung Sing 17:04, 11 jan 2008 (Argentina time)
Actually, both pronunciations for 翟 are correct. See Chinese English Dictionary --WaterOB 13:24, 11 Jan 2008 (CST)
I thought so, but pronunciation varies according to context, or so I was taught. I mean the character has two pronunciations, but depending on where it is you use one or the other.--Hung Sing 20:30, 11 jan 2008 (Argentina time)
When it's a surname, 翟 is pronounced "Zhai", such as the case here. You can refer to various online sources such as CnMDb,, etc. to verify. --Lady Zhuge 16:55, 11 Jan 2008 (CST)

Ba Yin's character's name, I'm quite sure it's Jin Lun Da Wang (as in grat king) and not Fa Wang. At sina and the hong kong site of the series they use Guo Shi (teacher of the country, instead of Da Wang), which is the name used in the last revision of the novel by Jin Yong and is also used sometimes in the series.--Hung Sing 14:44, 22 jan 2008 (Argentina time)

I've always thought his proper title is 金轮法王 (Jin Lun Fa Wang), with 法王 (Fa Wang) being similar to Fa Shi (法师). But yeah, I meant to put Guo Shi, not Da Shi, as per sina. --Lady Zhuge 16:38, 22 Jan 2008 (CST)
According to the wikipedia article about the novel, in the earlier versions of the novel he was called Da Wang. In this adaptation, I recall him being called mostly Da Wang. It's true that, being a monk and such, the title Fa Wang would be applicable, but given his martial skills (the use of the golden wheels) Da Wang is a more appropiate.--Hung Sing 22:29, 22 jan 2008 (Argentina time)
I just checked episode 16 (the one with the meeting between various martial artists allied with Mongolia) and Khubilai refers to him as Jin Lun Da Wang.--Hung Sing 22:39, 22 jan 2008 (Argentina time)
Which Wikipedia are you referring to? Both English Wikipedia and Chinese Wikipedia refer to him as Jin Lun Guo Shi or Jin Lun Fa Wang. --Lady Zhuge 18:55, 22 Jan 2008 (CST)
I was referring to the english Wikipedia, but it seems I was wrong or it was recently edited. In any case, in the series they call him Jin Lun Da Wang. In the subs it's also like that, the translator was JeanN|E. In the credits he is listed as Jin Lun Guo Shi.--Hung Sing 11:47, 23 jan 2008 (Argentina time)
Like DramaWiki, Wikipedia tracks all changes and neither of those pages have been edited recently. I think it's best just to leave it the way Wikipedia, baidu, and sina all have it. --Lady Zhuge 12:29, 23 Jan 2008 (CST)