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Request re-write of synopsis

A synopsis should NOT contain spoilers. Period. That goes beyond the definition of the term synopsis. If an editor chooses to post spoilers, it should be made on a totally separate article (ex: Smiling Pasta/Spoilers), and a link be placed in the main article within the synopsis section. The philosophy behind this is simple: When a person brings up a web page - ANY web page, an editor should not expect the reader to read ALL signs prior to reading the body of any given article. There's a greater chance that the reader will read the spoiler before discovering the warning message. This is Web Page Design 101 material. Groink 14:30, 16 Aug 2006 (EDT)

Perhaps we can go back to this synopsis version here [1]?--A10203040 14:54, 16 Aug 2006 (EDT)
Yes, please revert. Thanks! Groink 15:19, 16 Aug 2006 (EDT)

One more time, please provide a PROPER synopsis of the drama. I removed the current synopsis because it is basically a summary of the characters, NOT the storyline. I WANT A SYNOPSIS ON THE STORYLINE!!!!!! Think about it like this... You're doing this for a school assignment, and a grade is riding on it. Groink 18:57, 22 Oct 2006 (CDT)

Messy reviews

Erm, the review section is in a mess right now. So I'm thinking of removing the 2nd and 3rd "reviews" and reverting the first review to the original form here. Is this ok with everyone? --A10203040 03:43, 9 Sep 2006 (EDT)

Yes, if a review isn't written well, I would remove it. I'm one of those who would never edit someone else's original writing, such as a review. A review isn't something that someone else can improve because a review is basically from a first-person POV. With that, if the reviewer/writer isn't going to take pride in his writing, then don't make DramaWiki suffer along with it. Groink 04:27, 9 Sep 2006 (EDT)

chinese synopsis

微笑Pasta的寶貝女兒,是個天真直率的平凡少女,帶點魯莽,帶點憨傻,總是 以微笑面對人生,他總覺得,只要微笑,沒什麼事情大不了!

 縱使有挫折,難過一下,再笑一笑,也就雨過天青了,曉詩最喜歡的 人是同校的阿哲學長,雖然阿哲從來不喜歡曉詩,甚至對曉詩下了 「戀情永遠不會滿三個月」的魔咒,但是曉詩還不屈不撓, 再接再厲,他相信,總有一天阿哲學長會看到他的真心, 喜歡上他....直到他遇見何群那一天開始,曉詩一直 相信和堅持的愛情信念產生了變化。

 何群 歌壇小天王,也是現任議長何孟元的大兒子,因為青  少年時與弟弟和女朋友Rita以及青梅竹馬的筱柔對音樂有著  共同的理想,而投入音樂的領域中,儘管傳統而保守的父  親反對,兄弟仍執著於自己對音樂的夢想和熱情一直往前 走,但是,這樣的革命情感卻因為17歲那年的一次意外,這個夢想再也無 法實現,因為,何群的錯誤判斷,他們失去了筱柔,阿哲跟哥哥何群也從 此兄弟決裂,不再來往。   何群後來因緣際會進入娛樂圈,成為今天的歌壇小天王,但是,他並不快 樂,因為,這離他們當初的夢想還有一段距離,何群心裡從沒放棄過帶著弟弟 一起完成夢想的心願。

  這是何群新歌發表會的當天,也是曉詩試圖跟新任男友Peter完成戀情滿三 個月目標的日子,但是,何群在這一天,眼睜睜看著女友Rita被阿哲帶走,  曉詩也在街頭看著Peter擁著另一個女子離開,這兩條 傷心的平行線在街頭偶遇,正在躲避狗仔隊跟蹤的何群 ,一不小心撞上在街頭失落獨行的曉詩,猛烈的撞擊使 得何群的嘴唇意外吻上了曉詩,狗仔隊見機不可失,趕 緊用相機拍下這難得的一刻,何群只好帶著曉詩逃跑。

  而曉詩因為和哥哥成銘打賭,不得不帶個「男友」回家,否則得在自家經營 的「微笑PASTA」義大利麵店門口跳肚皮舞招客人。擔心出糗的曉詩沒有男友可以 帶,所以不敢回家,央求何群收留他。同樣愛情受挫的兩人難免有點互相同情,何群 收留曉詩,帶她回家,還答應假扮曉詩的男友,陪她一起回家。

  沒想到第二天一早風雲變色,「小天王劈腿,街頭擁吻秘密情人」,何群和曉詩的 「親吻照」上了頭版新聞,議長家被媒體團團包圍。 經紀人Vincent為挽救危機,將計就計,否認何群和Rita的關係,宣布曉詩才是何群的正牌女友,兩人即將訂婚,全國轟然。緋聞一鬧,愛面子的何議長差點氣炸,勒令何群轉學,不料一轉卻轉到了曉詩就讀的鼎風大學,以為再也不會見面的緋聞男女變成同班同學。

  這下可好,轉入鼎風大學的何群不但必須經常跟曉詩扮恩愛,也必須面對同校的阿哲和Rita。 深愛Rita的何群,始終愛戀阿哲的曉詩,面對昔日戀人跟三年來始終如一的愛慕對象,該怎麼在同一個校園中和平相處?複雜矛盾的情愫,在四個人之間蔓延開來。 阿哲對何群有著從高中到現在的不滿與怨恨,在同一個環境中,更讓阿哲如芒刺在背,忍不住處處與何群對立; Rita 對何群有著愧疚,卻又不相信何群在一夜之間喜歡上曉詩,甚至成為未婚夫妻, 始終是阿哲頭號支持者的曉詩,礙於與何群協議保密的假未婚夫妻身分,而無法繼續追隨阿哲而苦,甚至遷怒何群; 何群面對失去最愛,還必須在Rita面前跟曉詩演出恩愛戲碼而痛苦,轉化為一種高傲的冷漠,加上面對阿哲的憤恨,何群試圖想要化解兄弟之間的誤會與怨懟,卻不能在阿哲面前展現軟弱,這些,正考驗著何群。


阿哲雖然處處與何群對立,卻在一次次的挑戰、誤解之後,更加了解與認識何群,甚至喜歡上曾經以為是全世界最不可能被自己喜歡的女孩—成曉詩,甚至,還幫助她,破除自己曾經下給成曉詩的「戀情永遠不滿三個月」的魔咒。 而曉詩呢? 一個一直以為自己被「戀情永遠不滿三個月」魔咒的女孩,因為意外成為何群的假未婚妻,人生轉了一個大彎,但是曉詩依然樂觀面對,曉詩總是相信,人生就是這樣,沒有什麼事情解決不了,只要微笑,沒什麼大不了。 在微笑Pasta的真誠帶動下,這一群年輕人的愛情故事持續沸騰著,一道道風味特殊的Pasta正陸續上菜中。 微笑Pasta,一段愛與Smile的故事,夾雜著青春和美味,讓你邊笑邊感動,邊笑邊落淚。

English Summary

 In this movie, a caring&&curious girl, Xiao Shi meets this movie star, He Qun. Xiao Shi is a girl who thinks that she no matter what happens, just put a smile on and everything will be fine. Her family are just like her friends, supporting her and dancing and singing and doing all the things in public that we would think is embarassing. She has had a lot of boyfriends already and she still hasn't been able to break the "curse" that her brother jinxed her about. The curse was that she wouldn't be able to last 3 months with any of her boyfriends.Now, Hu Qun has always been in this ice box being one of the top singers and being spied on by reporters everywhere he goes. He hasn't been himself ever since the fight that he and his brother had because he and his brother were on a trip until his brother, Ah Zhe's girlfriend died from listening to Hu Qun to cross the river. One day, Hu Qun was hiding from reporters when he bumped into the Xiao Shi that had just been dumped on her third month with her boyfriend, Peter. She was so sad that she was so close to breaking the "curse". She was running and Hu Qun was running and they tripped and fell and like most movies, their mouths touched. With this, Xiao Shi stood with Hu Qun and slept over at his house because she was scared to face her family with the news of her being dumped -- again. The next morning, waking up, she sees in his balcony the bunch of reporters outside Hu Qun's house. By accident, Xiao Shi fell back near the balcony and Hu Qun tried to catch her -- leading to another snapshop of them. Not bad enough that the kiss that they had when they first met ended up on the newspaper. So this, Hu Qun's adviser had to explain that Hu Qun and Xiao Shi are actually enganged, which isn't true at all because they just met the day before. So after going through all the drama and things together, these two accidently fall in love. Also breaking the 3 month curse. This is a movie where you can watch and change your mood to match along with the funny and cute movie.

Season 2

Can someone tell me where it said that it would have a season 2?

Someone earlier created the article Smiling Pasta 2 with virtually no information in the article. Because I don't know anything about Taiwanese dramas, I did what I usually do with the Japanese articles, by keeping all the seasons into just one article. In this case, I created a "Season 2" section in this article and redirected Smiling Pasta 2. So if there is no credible source that says "Season 2" is even in the works, I would go ahead and revert my changes. Groink 23:25, 21 Mar 2007 (CDT)
Ok, Thank you to explain me the reason.

I think Season 2 should be erased because I have looked on many Chinese sites and there haven't been any confirmations. The only thing that I saw that could possibly be related to season 2 is a fanfiction that is titled season 2, but it's only a fanfiction, not a script.