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Switched to "Mizuki"

Although her official site spells it as "Miduki", I really believe this is a mistake on the part of the talent agency. All the other sites - including wiki.ThePPN and several Japanese sites refers to her as Mizuki, along with over 5000 other links (made sure they're referring to the 1992 born actress.) We should continue to use the official romaji, but in cases like this we can't be repeating a mistake like this just because. Groink 03:32, 29 Sep 2007 (CDT)

im also confused on why she was referred as Miduki in her official website. Marienella 16:35, 29 Sep 2007
I believe the reason is that some Japanese use the Nihon-shiki system of Romaji. I really don't know why they continue to use it. Even NHK switched to Kunrei-shiki eons ago. Groink 03:43, 29 Sep 2007 (CDT)
lol... i guess they don't know themselves, because if you look at the URL they too use Mizuki. --Gryzze 04:16, 29 Sep 2007 (CDT)