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  • Title: 九州·海上牧云记 / Jiu Zhou · Hai Shang Mu Yun Ji
  • English title: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy
  • Genre: Mythology, ancient legend
  • Episodes: 80
  • Broadcast Period: early 2017


The series is set in the fictional world of Novoland during the twilight years of the Duan Dynasty, and follows the brotherhood of a imprisoned half-human half-spirit prince Muyun Sheng, an abandoned son of a general Muru Hanjiang, and the heir of a slaughtered tribe Shuofeng Heye as they uncover the secrets of their past and seek both revenge and justice for the ones they love.

Interwoven among the men are the women who also cannot escape from the storm of prophecies. The woman who was prophesied to be Muyun Sheng's Queen but whose heart belong to someone else Su Yuning, the fierce warrior Princess Muyun Yanshuang, and a spirit locked inside a gem Panxi.


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Muru Family
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Helan Family

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