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If you do not cooperate, I'll have Sakai Noriko deal with you.

groink and DramaWiki

As a proud member of the Type-A personality group, I aggressively maintain the integrity of DramaWiki. I find many of the other resources on the Internet and in print to be totally inadequate and filled with flaws. My drive is to show sites like and J-ENT! that their databases are sub-par, and that a closed database system is not the effective method. The majority of the drama community look up to those two resources, but they don't realize just how incorrect and incomplete their databases are.

Wiki is community-based. Yes, there are bad apples in any community. But once standards are in place, any community will eventually be organized. Drama fans deserve accurate information. Therefore, DramaWiki must maintain a professional atmosphere, and also maintain three important factors: accuracy, verified, and a neutral point of view.

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Besides Nori-P, I also have interests (although not as extreme) in the following:

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