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Okada Junichi and Nagase Tomoya love DramaWiki

The first article that i've edited with my old account is HaHa. Since then, i enjoy editing the articles in DramaWiki. I edit mostly the dramas that i've seen and so as the main cast that related to them. I try to make the articles look better and easy for people to see and read. So, below is the list of dramas and movies that i've seen with the bold one is my favourite:


Completed Dramas:

Completed Movies:

  • 1 Litre of Tears: More realistic
  • COSMIC RESCUE: Kamisen or Ultraman?
  • Crows Zero: Fly crows, fly
  • Crows Zero 2: Stop flying already
  • GGdB: A swindler turns into a Buddhist priest.
  • Hard Luck Hero: Let's dance to win the boxing match!
  • Heaven's Door: The seizures is a door to heaven
  • Hold Up Down: Not crazy but scary.......
  • Hotaru no Haka: War means to remember your mistakes.
  • Ju-On 1: I swear this the last
  • Kagehinata ni Saku: Yellow umbrella returns to the sky
  • Kisarazu Cats Eye Nihon Series: You got only 2 months...
  • Kisarazu Cats Eye World Series: Better than the first movie
  • Koizora: A tale would be a tale forever
  • Letters from Nirai Kanai: 14 pieces of letter
  • Meitantei Conan: Laundry is the best saver.
  • NANA The Movie: I'm not interested in both NANAs
  • Niji wo Kakeru Ouhi: Please read your history textbook
  • Otonari: The wall....
  • Pika*nchi Life Is Hard Dakedo Happy: But......
  • Pika**nchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy: So......
  • Prince of Tennis: Mada-mada dane!
  • Returner: Awesome ending, that's all i remembered
  • Saru Lock: It's a crack but not interesting
  • Seoul: In police, good guys die young...
  • Shukumei: Neurological doctor + detective = twins.
  • Silver snow: This one is bored like hell
  • Sono Toki wa Kare ni Yoroshiku: Sleeping beauty...
  • Spirited Away: Alice in wonderland...
  • Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru: Nahhh, everyone is getting sick!
  • Taiyou no Uta: She should just be a singer, not actress.
  • Tengokuwa Matte Kureru: Tuna vs omelet!
  • TLNiS: When a make-up artist met a taxi driver.
  • The Sinking of Japan: The end of the world...
  • Tookuno Sorani Kieta: An airport is made because of shoe
  • Touch: Do you love baseball?


Completed Dramas

Completed Movies


(including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore)

Completed Dramas

Completed Movies


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