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Japanese Name

Just in case you don't know Dramawiki's common practice, it's last name first and no special symbols. Example: 田中要次 Non-dramawiki writes Yôji Tanaka. / Dramawiki writes Tanaka Yoji Please take a moment to read Romanization of Japanese. Thanks. --WaterOB 01:46, 2 April 2011 (UTC)

Names order

I apologize for not making it clearer before. We adhere to last name first rule for ALL categories, be it Japanese or Chinese. Example: 魏如昀 - We write it as Wei Ru Yun. The only exception is English names. If you choose to establish her using English names, then it's first name first = Queen Wei. Please go back and make the necessary corrections to Rock Baby casts. Thank you. --WaterOB 21:49, 21 June 2011 (UTC)


As I do not find their names in kanji on the net, I deleted the names for now, when I've found it on the net, I'll re-type it again in the correct manner.DarX-S0ul

Creating Drama Articles

I noticed you created a page for Japan Sinks (1974). Before you make a page, it would be greatly appreciated if you could read through the Formatting Guide. First of all, the title should be in Japanese, and you don't have to include the year if there is not a preexisting page of the same name. Also for actors/actresses that do not have a page yet, you have to include the kanji next to their name, and etc etc. So please take the time to read through it, if you need any help editing pages I'll be more than happy to help. Thank you. --iwaseJEN

Hi, I changed this and also added a new page for Kaoru Yumi hope that that one is also ok If not let me know, so that I can change it when needed.

Thanks for the move ^^ Also for the Kaoru Yumi, good try...sorry but there's lots to fix XD First of all, names should be Last name first basis. Also, i'll make the changes on the page, so take a look and see what was changed. Hopefully that helps, but thanks for your effort =). And if anything reading through the guidelines, it helps a lot too. Also, it would be great if you could find a picture of Yumi Kaoru that's recent and more focused on her face (close-up of the face). Good luck~ --iwaseJEN

Hi, I'm back, thanks for the changes and I found a newer picture at I've already read some of the guidelines, but not all yet. User:DarX-S0ul