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When stubbing an article, please avoid using {{stub}}, and instead use the more appropriate stub tags, such as {{cdrama-stub}}, {{cactor-stub}}, {{hkdrama-stub}}, etc. Groink 13:21, 1 Aug 2007 (CDT)

I will try to remember to do that in the future. Thanks. Humbeggar

TV Series or TV Shows

It's my understanding that either one is acceptable. Personally, I prefer to use "TV Series" if all of an artist's listed dramas can be considered "电视连续剧" vs. the more broad term "电视节目." --Lady Zhuge 17:58, 1 Aug 2007 (CDT)

I prefer to use TV Series too unless it is a sitcom or game show. Thanks Humbeggar, for expanding Hong Kong drama section! You contribute a lot in this section, so keep up the good work! --uladelz 15:10, 2 Aug 2007 (CDT)
I'm fine with either one, too. Since DramaWiki:Chinese Artist Article Formatting states "TV Shows," who am I to argue with the creator of Dramawiki? I'm sticking to "TV Shows" until the policy gets changed. For consistency sake. --WaterOB 16:49, 2 Aug 2007 (CDT)
The only trouble with the use of the nomenclature "series" is that a one-episode show is technically not a series. That is why, at least with the Japanese articles, we're using "TV Shows". Groink 17:51, 2 Aug 2007 (CDT)

Preview vs. Save

Please use the preview button to "see" your edits before saving them. There's no need to save the same entry more than once or twice in succession. Thank you! :) --- Quashlo 21:11, 1 Aug 2007 (CDT)

Copying and Pasting w/o Romanizing

Please do not just copy and paste series titles from Chinese Wikipedia, etc., without romanizing them. Thanks. --Lady Zhuge 10:14, 4 Aug 2007 (CDT)

I firmly concur. Please stop this. It is making a hell of a mess out of the listings. Doesn't look messy to someone who can read that stuff, but for people like myself who can't read Chinese it is basically the equivalent of grafitti. Groink 14:55, 4 Aug 2007 (CDT)
I guess I am not good at romanizing things, I was trying to look up the English titles of all the series, instead of translating it from Cantonese to English. It is quite hard to remember what titles to look up, I guess I was using the "fill in the blank" mentality. But since you have pointed out that this is not a placeholder for the edits, I will try to use notepad for that from now on. Humbeggar

Remove fields that are not filled in

The policy on DramaWiki is: If you don't have the answer, don't place it in the article. I see that you're using a template of sorts, but are leaving many of the fields blank or with some form of generic text, such as "Theme song: <title>, by <artist>". Instead of leaving text like this, just simply remove the fields. If we don't know what the theme song is, we just leave it out totally. Basically, other editors don't have to be reminded that a piece of information is missing by leaving the field blank. This sort of thing makes DramaWiki "look" incomplete. Groink 20:21, 4 Aug 2007 (CDT)

ATV Series Images

No problem. I mostly searched for them on Yahoo!, Google, and Baidu (my personal favorite). Yamayo69 02:50, 8 Aug 2007

Multiple seasons

I've combined some articles that you've created to their first season. In the future, only one article for each drama regardless of season number. Further discussion can be found on DramaWiki talk:Chinese TV Show Article Formatting --uladelz 20:36, 20 Aug 2007 (CDT)

Adding Hanja to Korean artist articles

DramaWiki does not allow Hanja to be added to Korean artist articles. It is not a part of the style guidelines here. I've reverted your edits. Please do not deviate from the style guidelines. Groink 01:40, 22 Nov 2007 (CST)

Got it, thanks for the reminder.--Humbeggar 01:53, 22 Nov 2007 (CST)