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Guidelines for uploading new photos

Hi YT, I just wanted to remind you of the photo guidelines for the profiles. I understand that many people would like to put up current pictures, however, quality comes before how current a picture is. Most of the pictures you uploaded were good, but some were unnecessary in that, the quality was lower than the previous (blurry, lower pixels, complete face not shown etc), so please keep that in mind for next time. And thanks for your contributions as always =) --iwaseJEN

I don't see much difference in the quality to the one you replaced as for not showing complete face not shown is a laugh. I only replaced Usuda Asami as her face was more tilted to the front. I think sometimes comes down to personal preferance. --YT 08:34, 10 September 2011 (UTC)
Thanks for your reply~ Personal preference is inevitable at times, but what I've been taught from other editors is that quality trumps personal preference. Well, file size isn't always an indicator, but in this case the original picture has a higher resolution, which translates to a more crisper picture, compared to the other one, which is pretty, however, they purposely edited it to create a more softer image by brightening up the picture. But what you can do if you find a picture you really like of an actor/actress is edit it yourself, like if you want to keep the picture you found, you can possibly take down the brightness, increase the contrast. --iwaseJEN
Like i said i did not see much difference in the quality of the picture i replaced. i do not hold magnifying glass to compare the picture quality. i certainly would not waste my time in editing a picture for better contrast. --YT 02:40, 11 September 2011 (UTC)

Romanization of Names

Hi YT. Just a reminder to always check the romanization of names before you create a page for actors/actresses. Just within this month I found 3 created by you that had the wrong name romanized which led to confusions such as 2 pages being made for the same person and etc. I completely understand that it must be hard for you since you're not familiar with Japanese, but do try to search it online beforehand just to make sure. If you're unsure of some romanizations, feel free to inquire anytime =) --iwaseJEN

99% of articles pages for actors/actresses i've created are from romanization from other people that have placed them on the drama. I do not check these assuming they have created it correctly. So if it is wrong in the first place, i do not know... --YT 03:34, 16 October 2011 (UTC)