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  • Song title: 我愛你
  • Song title (hanyu pinyin): wo3 ai4 ni3
  • Song title (English): I love you
  • Sung by: Xiao He Shuo
  • Music and Lyrics: Xiao He Shuo
  • Related drama: Marry Me!


Chinese Hanyu pinyin Translation
曾經有過 美麗的夢

一起微笑 一起牽手走過
不在乎 是否能永久
彷彿 沒有盡頭
以為自己 一直都懂
你的眼神 透露出些什麼
每一個有你 陪伴的日落

Sarang haeyo

Sarang haeyo
愛的理由 不會有錯


ceng jing you guo mei li de meng

yi qi wei xiao yi qi qian shou zou guo
bu zai hu shi fou ning you jiu
fang fu mei you jin tou
yi wei zi ji yi zhi dou dong
ni de yan shen tou lu cu xie she me
mei yi ge you ni pei ban de ri luo
dou hen kuai le

jiu suan huan le shi kong
ye hui zuo xiang tong de meng
shen chu shou qing dai wo zou
ai de li you bu hui you cuo
xiao zhe liu le de wo
dui ni xu xia le cheng nuo

ai yi jing ting liu

I had a lovely dream

We smiled and walked hand in hand together
We didn't care if it would last forever
It's as if it had no end
I thought I always knew
what your expression revealed
Every sun rise and fall with you in it
was happiness

Even when space and time change
I will have the same dream
Extend your hand and take me with you
The reason we loved couldn't be wrong
With tears in my smile
I made a promise to you

Love is here to stay