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Check the full user guide for complete detail instructions on using MediaWiki.

Creating a New Page

To create a new page simply add the name of the new page to the end of the url

For example if you wanted to create a page called "New Drama" then simply enter in the url in your browser Drama

and an empty page will show up. Then simply click on the edit tab at the top to put contents on that page.

Don't forget to tag that page with a category as well (see the individual categories e.g. Category:JDrama, Category:KDrama etc on how to do that).

You can also create a new page by clicking on those red links which are just references to pages that don't exist (yet).

Advise: Before creating a new page it is recommended to check if it doesn't already exist under a different name. The search function is very helpful here to avoid duplicate pages.

Add New Page to a Category

For example, you just type in the url Ruroshin

and assuming that entry doesn't already exist then a blank page will be presented. You can then hit the edit tab to add content for Mr Ruroshin's entry. Before saving the page you think he's a Japanese Actor so you would add at the end of the entry this:


By adding that tag Mr Ruroshin's entry will be automatically listed in the Category for JActor.

An entry can be part of many Categories so you can tag it with more than one Category. For example an artist may be an actress as well as a singer.

Category Bug

There seems to be a bug where if you tag an entry with a category and that category doesn't exist yet then that entry will always list that Category's link as an "edit" link, i.e. it doesn't think that Category exist even if you created it afterwards.

Two ways around this.

  • Create the Category before you apply it to an entry.
  • If you already applied a category to an entry and that category doesn't exist yet then
  1. Create the Category
  2. Go back to the entry and edit it
  3. Make some sort of change (or if you don't want to change anything just add something in, save it then edit it again to remove it)
  4. Save the edit
  5. You will now notice the entry properly list the Category as being there

Image formating

If you wish to add a series of images to the right hand side of an entry then please enclose them in a div tag with an inline style.

<div style="display:inline; width:220px; float:right;">

The width value should be 20px more than the largest image in your set. The reason for using the div tag is to avoid jumbling up the edit links for segments.

Example images without a div tag

[[Image:SlowDance222.jpg|thumb|350px|Slow Dance]]
[[Image:Slowdancechart.jpg|thumb|350px|Relationchip Chart - click to enlarge]]
[[Image:SlowDance1.jpg|thumb|350px|Slow Dance]]
Images without any div tags

Example images using the div tag

<div style="display:inline; width:370px; float:right;">
[[Image:SlowDance222.jpg|thumb|350px|Slow Dance]]
[[Image:Slowdancechart.jpg|thumb|350px|Relationchip Chart - click to enlarge]]
[[Image:SlowDance1.jpg|thumb|350px|Slow Dance]]
Images using the div tag

Deleting Content

Users can only add and change content. Only the admins can delete things from the wiki. (Technically nothing gets really deleted but moved to a place to be available for later undeletion.)

If you want content (e.g. a page or an image) deleted from the wiki you can add a Request for deletion. The staff will decide then what to do. Possible actions could be:

  • keep (an empty or incomplete page may be kept and marked as a stub)
  • delete (e.g. bogus, random, or vandal pages; redundant, corrupt, conflicting or otherwise unwanted images)
  • redirect/merge of a duplicate page to/with an already existing page.

Note: Please don't issue a request for deletion if it is obvious that the page will be kept or redirected. You can mark pages as a stub and redirect pages yourself.

I suggest to read wikipedia's deletion policy to get an idea how big wikis handle this.

Report Vandalism

If you spot some serious vandalism on our wiki then please inform our admins through the Vandalism Watch List. Please don't try to fix the page yourself but rather report the culprit instead. The admins have better means to deal with vadalism, like