King Gwanggaeto the Great

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King Gwanggaeto the Great


  • Title: 광개토태왕 (廣開土太王) / Gwanggaeto Dae Wang
  • Also known as: Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror
  • Genre: Historical
  • Episodes: 92
  • Broadcast network: KBS1
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jun-04 to 2012-Apr-29


A drama detailing the life of King Gwanggaeto the Great, who restored the glory of Goguryeo by wresting power back from Baekje, which had invaded Goguryeo prior to Gwanggaeto's birth and dominated East Asia under the rule of King Geunchogo.


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Dam Duk's followers

Goguryeo army

Later Yan army

Ministers of Goguryeo

Royal family of Goguryeo

Rulers of Baekje

The Malgals (Mohe), Rulers of the Grasslands

Other people

Production Credits


2011 KBS Drama Awards:

  • Excellence Award for Serial Drama, Actor (Lee Tae Gon)

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