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[[File:Toastman01.jpg|thumb|Lee Wei and Xiao Xun]]
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[[File:Toastman01.jpg|thumb||right|Lee Wei and Xiao Xun]]

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Lee Wei and Xiao Xun


  • Title: 土?男之?
  • Broadcast Year: 2001

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When the recession closed down their father's factory, Xiao Xun and her sister Chanel were left to the care of Mimi-chan, a sexy police detective and a family friend, while their parents were on the run from the debt collectors.

To support their living expenses, the sisters took in a new roommate, Lee Wei. Lee Wei wasn't just anybody. He was the younger brother of a well know crime boss, Lee Xiong. His goal in life was to follow his brother's footstep and become a formidable crime lord. But the problem was he had a genius IQ made for a world beyond the lowly crime world (and, so his brother believed). Instead, his brother demanded that he go to college and be a decent person, which he refused to comply. So his brother sent him to Mimi-chan for discipline and positive influence (afterall she was a cop).

So over one hot and very strange summer, these two group of people from different worlds would live together and experience what life was all about.

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