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(매주 every, each week, recurring) (오전 morning AM) (오후 afternoon PM) (저녁 evening PM) (저녁 dinnertime PM) ( night PM) ( hour) ( minute)
매주 토,일 밤 09:45∼10:50 = each week Sat, Sun night 9:45 to 10:50 = every Sat, Sun 9:45 PM to 10:50 PM
오전 10시 = morning 10 hours = 10 AM
( Mon) ( Tue) ( Wed) ( Thu) ( Fri) ( Sat) ( Sun) (방송 broadcast, airing) (부터 from)
방송: 2002년 4월 28일 부터(토,일 저녁 7시55분) = Broadcast: 2002-Apr-28 from (Sat, Sun dinnertime 7:55) = broadcast from 2002-Apr-28 on Sat, Sun at 7:55 PM

조모 (jomo) Grandmother
할머니 (halmeoni) Grandmother
친할머니 (chinhalmeoni) Grandmother (Birth mother's mother)
모 (mo) Mother
어미 (eomi) Mother
엄마 (eomma) Mother
오마니 (ohmani) Mother
아마니 (ahmani) Mother
시모 (simo) Mother in law
장모 (jangmo) Mother in law
새엄마 (saeeomma) Mother, step
계모 (gyemo) Mother, step
계모 시어머니 Mother-in-law, step
아내 (ahnae) Wife
부인 (buin) Wife
처 (cheo) Wife
본처 (boncheo) Lawful wife / Wedded wife
후처 (hucheo) Next wife (after previous wife)
배우자 (baewuja) Spouse
오니 (ohni) Sister
언니 (eonni} Sister, older (big)
누나 (nuna) Sister, older
시동생 (sidongsaeng) Sister, younger
막내 누나 Sister, older, third
여동생 (yeodongsaeng) Sister, younger
딸 (ttal) Daughter
첫째딸 (ttal) Daughter, First
큰딸 (keunttal) Daughter, 1st (oldest)
둘째딸 (duljjaettal) Daughter, Second
사춘 (sachun) Aunt
와숙모 (wasukmo) Aunt (mother's sister)
고모 (gomo) Aunt (father or mother's sister)
이모 (yimo) Aunt (mother's sister/maternal aunt)
동생 (dongsaeng) Brother or Sister, younger
첫째 (cheotjjae) First
둘째 (duljjae) Second
첫사랑 (cheotsarang) First Love
지지자 Supporter
외할아버지 Grandfather
부 (bu) Father
아비 (ahbi) Father
아버지 (ahbiji) Father
홀아비 (holahbi) Widower, widowed father
계부 (gyebu) Father, step
의붓 아버지 (uibut ahbiji) Father, step
의붓아버지 Father, step
남편 (nampyeon) Husband
전 남편 (jeon nampyeon) Ex-Husband
아들 (ahdeul) Son
장남 (jangnam) Son, eldest
큰아들/큰 아들 Son, 1st
둘째아들/둘째 아들 Son, 2nd
막내아들/막내 아들 Son, 3rd
사위 (sawi) Son-in-law
오빠 (ohppa) Brother
형 (hyung) Brother, older
남동생 (namdongsaeng) Brother, younger
사촌동생 Cousin (Aunt's son)
장인 (jangin) Father-in-law, wife's father
시아버지 Woman's father-in-law; one's husband's father
시어머니 Woman's mother-in-law; one's husband's mother
쌍둥이 (ssangdungyi) twin
어린 young
외삼촌 (oesamchon) Uncle (uncle on the mother's side)
삼촌 (samchon) Uncle
고모부 (gomobu) Uncle (Aunt's husband)
이모부 (yimobu) Uncle (Aunt's husband)
의붓오빠 (uibutohppa) girl's older half (step) brother
의붓 오빠 girl's older half (step) brother
친구 (chingu) Friend
큰시누 (keunsinu)] Husband's older sister
부녀 (bunyeo) Father & Daughter
부모 (bumo) Father & Mother
부부 (bubu) Husband & Wife
모녀 (monyeo) Mother & Daughter
자매 (jamae) Sister & Sister
남매 (nammae) Brother & Sister

Korean personal names
Hangul Revised
Ahn An aan
Boo Bu boo
Bun Beon bun
Bum Beom bum
Doo Du doo
Duk Deok duk
Gun Geon gun
Hoo Hu hoo
Hoon Hun hoon
Hyun Hyeon hyun
Hyung Hyeong hyung
Im Im im
Joong Jung joong
Jun Jeon jun
Jung Jeong jung
Kyung Gyeong kyung
Myung Myeong myung
Na Na nah
Roo Ru roo
Ryun Ryeon ryun
Ryung Ryeong ryung
Seo Suh suh
Shi Si shee
Shik Sik shik
Shin Sin shin
Soo Su soo
Sook Suk sook
Soon Sun soon
Suk Seok suk
Sun Seon sun
Sung Seong sung
Sup Seop sup
Uh Eo uh
Uhn Eon un
Uk Eok uk
Ul Eol ul
Uhm Eom um
Woo Wu woo
Wook Uk wook
Yoo Yu yoo
Yoon Yun yoon
Yun Yeon yun