35-sai no Koukousei

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35-sai no Koukousei


  • Title: 35歳の高校生
  • Title (romaji): 35-sai no Koukousei
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: School drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership rating: 13.1%
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-13 to 2013-Jun-22
  • Air time: Saturday 21:00
  • Theme song: Flower Song by EXILE


Yonekura Ryoko plays a 35 year old woman who mysteriously goes back to high school as a student.

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Episode Subtitle Ratings
01 Toilet meal? Does your food still taste good eating in the washroom? 14.7
02 Bullying? Being the butt of jokes? The reason behind the clown's tears 12.9
03 Bullying is fun? The direction of a torn friendship by the school ranking 15.1
04 Who is the culprit bullying the teacher? Press Conference of Tears 14.7
05 The Bullies' dark side...and hostess classmate's dual!! 12.9
06 Violence within the club!? Lie on top of lie that caused the chain of tragedy 12.1
07 The pervert and the old lady's past revealed in a class trial!! 11.3
08 Forbidden love between teacher and student!? The deception of the teacher from a demon's trap!! 12.7
09 Almost final!! The old lady's tears...Survival at the school excursion 09.9
10 Witch's trial...Her purpose of becoming a high school student 13.1
11 Shocking 2hr SP!! All the mysteries solved tonight! 14.7
Average 13.1

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