3S Lady

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3S Lady


  • Title: 单身女王 / Dan Shen Nu Wang
  • English title: 3S Lady
  • Also known as: Single Queen
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 25
  • Broadcast network: SMG DragonTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-21
  • Air time: 19:34


Xue Can (Victor Huang) is the second son of a rich bussiness woman. His mother sent him away to Japan because she considers him to be the black sheep of the family.His older brother, the prode and joy of his mother, was the CEO of the company and engaged to Guan Ya Qin, daughter to one of the partners of the company. When his brother dies of heart attack Xue Can is forced from his mother to return to China and take over the company and his late brother fiance. Only Xue Can has other plans. He meet Gu Fei Fei (Dai Ciao Qian) a woman in her 30's who is still single and had an affair with Zhou Hui Ming (Qian Yong Chen) who ended up marrying her best friend, thing changed for him. Gu Fei Fei is still in love with Zhou Hui Ming (sily girl) but somehow Xue Can is not a man a girl can overlook easily. However Guan Ya Qin has her own plans for Xue Can.

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