A Journey to Love

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A Journey to Love


  • Title: 一念关山 / Yi Nian Guan Shan
  • English title: A Journey to Love
  • Genre: Historical, romance, action, adventure
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2023-Nov-28 to 2023-Dec-18
  • Air time: 19:00
  • Original soundtrack: A Journey to Love OST


Ren Ruyi, the former left envoy of the State of An's Scarlet Guards, who, through a twist of fate, becomes a member of the welcoming delegation from the State of Wu. Together with Ning Yuanzhou, the leader of the State of Wu's Liu Dao Hall, the free-spirited Yu Shisan, Princess Yang Ying, the clever young man Yuan Lu and the imperial guard Qian Zhao; they experience love, life, death, and growth together.

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Main Cast

  • Liu Shi Shi as Ren Ruyi / Ren Xin (voiced by Bai Xin Zan), former left envoy of Scarlet Guards. Top assassin in the world
  • Liu Yu Ning as Ning Yuanzhou, leader of Liu Dao Hall (Hell Path). Commander of the Left Troops (Wu State)
  • Fang Yi Lun as Yu Shisan, commandment of Liu Dao Hall's Asura Path
  • He Lan Dou as Yang Ying, Princess Li Cheng of Wu State
  • Chang Hua Sen as Li Tongguang (voiced by Qian Wen Qing), Marquis Chang Qing of An State. Ren Xin's former disciple
  • Chen You Wei as Yuan Lu, commandment of Liu Dao Hall's Hungry Ghost Path
  • Wang Yi Zhe as Qian Zhao, commandment of Yu Lin Army (Wu State). Commandment of Liu Dao Hall's Heaven Path

Wu State

Royal Family
Officers & Attendants
  • Zhang Lei as Zhang Song, Grand Secretary
  • Guo Peng as Xiao Ming, General. Xiao Yan's elder brother
  • Zhao Huan Ran as Zheng Qingyun, Imperial Guard. Yang Ying's crush
  • Lv Xing as Chief Clerk Du, member of the delegation troupe
  • Zhang Jun Yi as Zhou Jian, Ping Yuan General. Prince Dan Yang's confidante
  • Su Meng Yun as Female Officer Pei, Empress Xiao's attendant. Ning Yuanzhou's former neighbour
  • Zheng Jia Mi as Female Officer Ming, Empress Xiao's attendant. Member of delegation troupe

Liu Dao Hall

  • Li Huan as Sun Lang, commandment of Liu Dao Hall's Human Path. Member of Delegation Troupe
  • Yang Jun Fei (杨钧斐) as Ding Hui, calvary of Liu Dao Hall's Heaven Path. Member of Delegation Troupe
  • Zhang Lin Qing as Jiang Qiong, commandment of Liu Dao Hall's Heaven Path. Yang Xingjian's former subordinate
  • Wu Hong as Zhao Ji, leader of Liu Dao Hall (Human Path). Zhang Song's nephew (ep 1-2)
  • Li Dong Lin as Lou Qingqiang, calvary of Liu Dao Hall. Zhao Ji's subordinate (ep 1-3)
  • Li Pei En as Chai Ming, calvary of Liu Dao Hall's Heaven Path (ep 2)
  • Guo Xiao Tian as Xu Jun (voiced by Yi Fan), calvary of Liu Dao Hall (ep 1)

An State

Royal Family & Nobles
  • Yin Zhu Sheng as Li Zhun, Emperor of An State
  • Wang Yan as Empress Zhao Jie
  • Chen Xiao Yun as Noble Consort Chu, younger sister of Duke Chu and cousin of Empress Zhao Jie
  • Zhang Yan Yan as Elder Princess Qing Ning, birth mother of Li Tongguang
  • Ye Xiao Wei as Li Shouji, Eldest Prince (Prince He Dong) of An State
  • Yuan Ruo Hang as Li Zhenye, Second Prince (Prince Luo Xi) of An State
  • Jerry Chang as Chu Yuan, Duke Chu. Head of Sha Xi Tribe
  • Chen Hao Yu as Chu Yue, County Princess of Jin Ming. Daughter of Duke Chu Yuan
  • Guo Dong Hai as Fan Dongming, Minister of Hong Lu Temple
  • He Zi Ming as Shentu Che, general guarding Xu City. Former commander of the Horse Troops. Empress Zhao Jie's nephew
  • Kong Xiang Dong (孔祥东) as Wu Qian, general of He County

Scarlet Guards

Jin Sha Lou



  • Virtue Paths (Calvaries)
    • Heaven Path - Royal Security
    • Human Path - Monitoring of Officals
    • Asura Path - Tackling Prostituition and Bribery
  • Evil Paths (Scouts)
    • Aguis Path - Making traps
    • Animal Path - Spying
    • Hell Path - Assasination (former) > Analyzing various information (Palace of Hell)

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  • Filming period: 2022-Sep-13 to 2023-Jan-13
  • Part of Linmon Pictures' A Journey series alongside A Journey to Glow

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