A Poem for the Oak

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A Poem for the Oak


  • Title: 相思树 / Xiang Si Shu
  • English title: A Poem for the Oak
  • Genre: Human drama, romance
  • Episodes: 29
  • Broadcast network: CCTV-1
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-12 to 2008-Apr-26
  • Air time: 20:48 (ep1); 19:55 (ep2 onwards)
  • Ending theme songs:


Xiao Xiao Mu is a country girl from a small town in Yunnan who has arrived in Shanghai to work. She hopes to earn enough money to repay her debt to Kang Kai, a good and honest man she swindled when she was 14 in order to pay for her younger brother Xiao Xiao Pu's education. During a speech at Xiao Pu's college given by Shang Jie, Xiao Mu's idol and a popular radio personality, Xiao Mu comes face to face with Kang Kai, who also happens to be Shang Jie's fiancé. After Xiao Mu's money is stolen by a couple of street thugs, Shang Jie takes her in and even hires her as a personal assistant. From there Xiao Mu also becomes a staple in Kang Kai's life, quietly serving as his pillar of support through thick and thin. Xiao Mu has always admired Kang Kai's strong sense of responsibility and earnest respect for the feelings of others and falls in love with him, but Kang Kai only sees Xiao Mu as a little sister...

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  • Wu Xiu Bo and Wang Tong Yu (王童语) wrote the lyrics for Man Man Lai (慢慢来) Slowly.

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