A Thousand Teardrops

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Yi Qian Di Yan Lei


  • Title: 一千滴眼泪 / Yi Qian Di Yan Lei
  • Also known as: One Thousand Teardrops
  • Genre: Drama, romance
  • Episodes: 36


On her wedding day, Shen Xin Yi's parents commit suicide, her family's entire fortune is confiscated, and her fiance dumps her. Due to her concern for Xin Yi's well-being, Lin Xiao You, Xin Yi's adopted younger sister, accidentally breaks her leg during a dance competition, forever ending her dream of becoming a professional dancer. The fates of these two young ladies change dramatically overnight, but they keep their chins up and bravely face the uncertain future.

Because of a simple game, Xin Yi and Xiao You get caught up in a whirlwind of darkness involving the well-to-do of Gold Coast Hotel. Xin Yi falls mutually in love with the handsome and charming Jiang Hao Tian, who hides a secret related to the death of Xin Yi's father that could tear them apart. Xiao You falls in love with Meng Shao Bai, a man whose heart belongs only to Xin Yi...

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  • Filming wrapped in May of 2008.
  • DVD release: 2008-Nov-17