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Advance Bravely


  • Title: 盛势 / Sheng Shi
  • English title: Advance Bravely
  • Genre: Romance, action, comedy
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Feb-14
  • Original soundtrack: Advance Bravely OST


Xia Yao, born into a wealthy and renown ancestry, is a playboy who has turned over a new leaf. Yuan Zong is an ex-soldier from the special forces who opened a bodyguard training company after being discharged. When Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong's little sister fell for Xia Yao's charms, but could not break down his erected barriers, she came to Yuan Zong for assistance. But Xia Yao and Yuan Zong get closer than Yuan Ru expected.

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  • Li Qiao Dan as Yuan Ru, Yuan Zong's younger sister. She likes Xia Yao
  • Meng En as Xuan Dayu, Xia Yao's close friend
  • Liang Xue Feng as Wang Zhishui, a pickpocket that Xuan Dayu accidentally carried home
  • Chen Xun as Peng Ze, Xia Yao's close friend
  • Xu He Ni as Li Zhenzhen, Peng Ze's friend whom he initially used to form a "cp" to attract a girl he is pursuing but later develops feelings for
  • Yin Fei as Shi Tianbiao, instructor of Yuan Zong's bodyguard training school
  • Ji Huan Bo as Pao Zi, Yuan Zong's rival
  • Chen Jia Wen as Wang Shuang, Yuan Ru's friend whom she introduced to Yuan Zong as a potential matchmaking partner
  • Hu Cai Hong as Xia Yao's mother
  • Sun Shuai Hang as Xia Yao's father
  • Wu Ya Jun as Liu Xuan, a girl Peng Ze was pursuing
  • Wu Pei Lin (吴佩林) as Zhang Tian, Xia Yao's subordinate
  • Guo Peng as Hei Zi, bodyguard of Black Leopard Company


The drama was taken down by Chinese authorities due to homosexual content, and later re-uploaded onto Youtube and Choco TV in 2018.

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