Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu

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Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu


  • Title: 愛なんていらねえよ、夏
  • Title (romaji): Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu
  • Also known as: I don't need love / I cannot say I love you
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 10
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Viewership ratings: 07.8
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2002-Jul-12 to 2002-Sep-13
  • Air time: Friday 22:00
  • Theme song: Life by Ikeda Ayako
  • Related TV shows: That Winter, the Wind Blows (SBS, 2013)


Hirosue Ryoko plays a pouty, blind girl with a chip on her shoulder (chips and grudges are in this quarter), whose very wealthy father has just died and left her his estate. Her mother left him years ago, taking her older brother, but leaving her behind. The sweet, but none-too-sharp brother, Reiji, writes her for years but the housekeeper throws the letters away. Now it turns out that this sweet Reiji (let's call him Reiji I), has gone to work as a cook for another guy named Reiji (Reiji II played by Watabe Atsuro), the cold-hearted head of a very successful Kabukicho host club. The girls all love him, but all he loves is his bankbook. Reiji II's life goes well until one day a rich executive's wife, who has been providing him with millions, turns out to be a poor bank clerk who has embezzled all the cash from her employer. Reiji II did not know this, but the police do not believe him and he heads off to serve six months as an accessory to the crime. The distraught, sweet Reiji I steps into the street to protest as Reiji II is driven off to jail, gets hit by a motorcycle and dies.

Six months later, Reiji II returns to find that the world of Kabukicho has turned against him and, during his incarceration, he has somehow run up a huge debt to the district's worst loan shark. As he prepares to be eaten alive by the nasty loan sharks, a private detective shows up looking for Reiji I, so he can reunite him with his long-lost sister. Somebody gets Reiji I and II confused, but Reiji II does a quick take on the situation. Seeing this as his only hope of swimming out of shark-infested waters, he takes it. He steals the identity of the other Reiji and heads off for a reunion with his newfound "sister." Bitter and angry about something as yet undisclosed, she is in no mood to be won over and slashes him on the cheek with her white cane. End of episode one. And yes, that was the best offering of the week.

Wm Penn, Excerpt from Daily Yomiuri 2002-Jul-18

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Episode Titles

  • THE LAST 01「光の差す方へ -Autumn has come-」
  • LAST 02「想い出の一夜 -I want to die in your arms-」
  • LAST 03「最後の晩餐 -Farewell to illusions of happiness-」
  • LAST 04「おまえを絶対守る!! -Weddingdress for death-」
  • LAST 05「最後の夏休み -memory of a firefly-」
  • LAST 06「優しすぎる嘘 -only truth! I want-」
  • LAST 07「最高のプレゼント -Happy Birthday-」
  • LAST 08「愛を拾いし夜 -I believe you-」
  • LAST 09「7億3000万の殺意 -kill me, with love-」
  • LAST 10「盲目の令嬢 -money, money, money-」


Don't Miss It

A wonderfully dark and moving series with an interesting premise. Hirosue Ryoko once again works her magic and pulls off a very convincing part as Ako, a blind girl whose father recently died. Because of her situation, a man named Reiji (Watabe Atsuro) takes advantage of the fact that she is rich and blind and pretends to be her brother whose name also happens to be Reiji.

As the series progresses, you see the two of them grow closer to one another and how much Reiji changes from his once cold-hearted and money loving self to a more considerate and caring person. The change just seemed very natural and well acted out.

One of the best features of this drama is the talented acting displayed by both the leads and the supporting cast. Their characters were complicated and were full of depth. Because so much thought was put into each person - you will find that you end up caring for all of them - from Hirosue's strength and determination to become more independent even though she's blind and Watabe's slow change in his feelings towards her. This is definitely one drama that shouldn't be missed.

  • Rating: 5/5 (Life-Altering)

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