Ai Qing Bao Dian

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Ai Qing Bao Dian
  • Title: 爱情宝典 / Ai Qing Bao Dian
  • Also known as: Love Dictionary / Love Treasury / Book of Love
  • Genre: Period drama, romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 26
  • Broadcast period: 2001
  • Opening theme song: Hun Qian Meng Rao (魂牵梦绕) Enchanted by Wei Jia
  • Ending theme song: Zhen Qing Tian Di Jian (真情天地间) True Love on Earth by Tan Jing and Jin Xue Feng

Overall Synopsis[edit]

This series is composed of five stories written with comedic flair that all share a common central theme: humankind's never-changing pursuit of love and their passion for life. Three of the stories (Jiu Feng Chen, Lu Mu Dan and Feng Zheng Wu) are based on classic musical comedies from the Yuan and Ming dynasties while the other two (Xiao Qi Shi and Mai You Lang) are based on Ming and Qing folktales.


Story 1: 爱情宝典之救风尘 / Ai Qing Bao Dian Zhi Jiu Feng Chen[edit]

Jiu Feng Chen
  • Also known as: Saving the Prostitute


Naive scholar An Xiu Shi and courageous brothel beauty Zhao Pan'er must save their friend Song Yin Zhang from a life of entrapment and prostitution after she is tricked into marrying the charismatic scoundrel Zhou She. The story is based on a famous play written by Yuan Dynasty playwright Guan Han Qing.


Story 2: 爱情宝典之卖油郎 / Ai Qing Bao Dian Zhi Mai You Lang[edit]

Mai You Lang
  • Also known as: The Oil-selling Man


After the death of his parents, Qin Zhong is taken in by Old Master Zhu and raised as his own son. Master Zhu entrusts the overly honest Zhong with management of the family oil-selling business, but underling Xing Quan and maid Lan Hua plot to frame Zhong for misplacement of funds, eventually resulting in Zhong's expulsion from the Zhu household. Zhong starts to sell oil on his own on the streets and happens to encounter brothel favorite Yao Qin, the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. He scrimps and saves for two and a half years in order to be able to spend one night with her. The tale is based on a short story by late Ming Dynasty writer Feng Meng Long.


Story 3: 爱情宝典之小棋士 / Ai Qing Bao Dian Zhi Xiao Qi Shi[edit]

Xiao Qi Shi
  • Also known as: The Little Chess Warrior


After 10 years of schooling, Zhou Guo Neng shamefully still hasn't memorized San Zi Jing. However, one thing he does have an undeniable knack for is playing chess. One day after a potential matchmaking disaster, the principled Guo Neng decides to leave his home town, promising his parents that he will bring them back the woman of his dreams to be their daughter-in-law. On his journey he encounters various chess masters, one of whom is Miao Guan, the attractive and equally principled headmistress of a chess academy.


Story 4: 爱情宝典之绿牡丹 / Ai Qing Bao Dian Zhi Lu Mu Dan[edit]

Lu Mu Dan
  • Also known as: The Green Peony


Liu Da and Che Da are two ne'er do wells who always try to cheat their way to the top. When Shen Han Lin, a prominent citizen in town, holds a poetry contest in a bid to find the most worthy husband for his lovely daughter Wan E, Liu Da submits a poem written by his teacher Xie Ying while Che Da uses a poem written by his intelligent and beautiful younger sister Che Jing Ying. Wan E has already fallen in love with the scholar Gu Can and desperately wants him to win the contest, but he faces stiff "competition" brought forth by the deceptive duo. The story takes place during Wu Ze Tian's reign and is based on the writing of late Ming Dynasty playwright Wu Bing (吴炳).


Story 5: 爱情宝典之风筝误 / Ai Qing Bao Dian Zhi Feng Zheng Wu[edit]

  • Also known as: Errors Caused by the Kite
Feng Zheng Wu


Han Shi Xun is a bright and literature-loving orphan taken in by Master Qi and raised together with his son Qi You Xian, a lazy and unambitious womanizer. Master Qi's close friend Master Zhan happens to have two daughters who are also as different as night and day: Shu Juan is attractive, kind and intelligent, while Ai Juan is spoiled, self-centered and has a face only a mother could love. Based on the composition of playwright Li Yu, this is the unconventional love story instigated by a kite that happened to fall on the wrong side of a certain wall, resulting in a series of misunderstandings amongst these four youths.


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