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Akai Reikyusha Series 18 (2003)


  • Title: 赤い霊柩車シリーズ
  • Title (romaji): Akai Reikyusha Series
  • Also known as: Red Dead Wagon
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Episodes: 39
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 1992-Mar-06 to 2023-Mar-17 (See Episode Information)
  • Air time: Friday 21:00 - 22:52


Ishihara Akiko runs the Ishihara Mortuary—a role she somewhat reluctantly took on after her father died in a traffic accident. Akiko's dream was to become a journalist, so she had initially told him to ask relatives to take over the family company, but with her father's sudden passing, she had no choice but to take it upon herself. Now together with her fiancé Haruhiko, she helps the police solve various murder cases she encounters through her business in Kyoto.

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Heroine and her Fiancé

Ishihara Mortuary

Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters


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Episode Information

Part Broadcast date Subtitle
Screenwriter Director Ratings
1 1992-Mar-06 Red hearse Nagano Hiroshi Doi Shigeru
2 1993-Jun-04 A Black Wedding Aitsuki Isamu
3 1994-Jul-15 A Missing Spouse 16.1%
4 1995-Mar-17 Two Gravestones 19.9%
5 1996-Jan-26 Gorgeous Mistakes 20.5%
6 1996-Oct-18 A Dead Fiance
7 1997-Apr-11 Coffin for the Twins Inoue Yoshio 19.6%
8 1997-Dec-26 Burning Coffin Aitsuki Isamu 17.8%
9 1998-Oct-02 Oeyama Demon Legend Murder Case 17.9%
10 1998-Dec-25 The Heiress 16.4%
11 1999-Oct-22 The Bride in the Coffin 19.5%
12 2000-Apr-28 Dead Twice 19.8%
13 2000-Oct-13 Bride in Black 19.4%
14 2001-Oct-12 Perfect Crime 17.3%
15 2002-Apr-05 Fake Funeral 19.8%
16 2002-Oct-04 Jealous 17.1%
17 2003-Jun-13 Monthly Blackmail 17.2%
18 2003-Oct-10 The Trap Ishihara Bull 15.5%
19 2004-Oct-08 Unknown Invitee 18.2%
20 2005-Oct-14 Bloody Requiem 17.5%
21 2006-Oct-06 A Grey Suspect 18.1%
22 2007-Oct-05 Surrogate Wife 15.7%
23 2008-Oct-10 Brilliant Intentions of Murder Motohashi Keita 16.1%
24 2009-Jun-05 Gift from the Dead 13.5%
25 2010-Apr-02 The Cursed Horse 15.3%
26 2010-Oct-01 The Black Reunion Hayama Hiroki 14.5%
27 2011-Apr-08 Whispers of the Witch Motohashi Keita 15.7%
28 2011-Oct-07 Memories of Pitch Black 15.1%
29 2012-Apr-13 The Reunion Takahashi Maki Kinoshita Naomi 12.0%
30 2012-Sep-28 Tatsuno warrior procession murder case Ishihara Bull Motohashi Keita 11.9%
2012-Oct-05 12.2%
31 2013-Apr-19 Memories of Lily Takahashi Maki Kinoshita Naomi 10.5%
32 2013-Nov-22 3 Sisters of Nirrti Ishihara Bull 13.9%
33 2014-Apr-18 Sotobakomachi Died Motohashi Keita 10.5%
34 2014-Oct-24 Family Murder Ishihara Bull
Okazaki Yukiko
Kinoshita Naomi
35 2015-Jun-26 Black Referee Fukuda Takuro 10.0%
36 2016-Mar-25 Miscalculation of obscenity Hayama Hiroki 8.5%
37 2018-Nov-16 Dead with a cat Ishihara Bull Motohashi Keita
38 2020-Apr-03 Marriage Game Kanai Hiroshi Ouchi Takahiro
39 2023-Mar-17 Mourning Kyoto Dolls
(series finale)
Motohashi Keita

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  • Part 20 of the series is the first to be shot in widescreen (16:9).

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