Alibi Kuzushi Uketawarimasu

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Alibi Kuzushi Uketawarimasu


  • Title: アリバイ崩し承ります
  • Title (romaji): Alibi Kuzushi Uketawarimasu
  • Also known as: Alibi Breaker
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Crime, Investigation, Mystery
  • Episodes: 7 + SP
  • Viewership ratings: 4.7%
  • Broadcast network: TV Asahi / Abema TV (SP)
  • Broadcast period:
    • 2020-Feb-01 to 2020-Mar-14
    • 2020-Mar-08 to 2020-Mar-15 (SP)
  • Air time: Saturday 23:15
  • Theme song: Tokei no Hari ~Aishitemo Anata ga Tooku Naru no~ by Kimura Kaela


20-year-old Mitani Tokino is the owner of a watch store. Unknown to many, Tokino provides a special alibi breaking service for 5,000 yen. This skill was passed down by Tokino's grandfather, who used to help detectives breaking suspects' alibis.

Saji Yoshiyuki was a former elite from National Police Agency who got accussed for corruption and got transferred to Nano Prefectural Police Headquarter as the Director of the Criminal Department. Due to his pride, he wanted to solve cases by himself and return back to his high status. However, he got stucked as he could not break the suspects' alibis. He then heard about Tokino's skill and decided to ask for her help.

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