And The Winner Is Love

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And The Winner Is Love


  • Title: 月上重火 / Yue Shang Chong Huo
  • English title: And The Winner Is Love
  • Genre: Wuxia, Romance
  • Episodes: 50
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020


Chong Xuezhi, young mistress of the Chong Hu palace, was evicted after the palace's treasure "Shen Lian Jiu Shi" was stolen. She was met with multiple assassination attempts, but was saved by Shangguan Tou, master of Yue Shang Pavilion. The two then form a friendship. After Chong Xuezhi meets a respected elder named Lin Changran, she found out that her father Chong Ye was the one who wrote two secret manuals of how to restrain "Shen Lian Jiu Shi", an unorthodox skill that will cause great damage to the pugilistic world. Yue Shang Pavilion Guards was also formed to protect Chong Huo palace. Chong Xuezhi and Shangguan Tou work together to defeat the people who mastered Shen Lian Jiu Shi, bringing peace back to the to the pugilistic world.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Yue Shang Chong Huo (月上重火) by Jun Zi Yi Ze (君子以泽)
  • Director: He Shu Pei
  • Screenwriters: Liu Xiao Xi (刘小溪), Sun Ying (孙莹)
  • Producers: Chen San Jun (陈三俊), Luo Jun Hui (罗君辉)
  • Company: Ningbo Film & TV, Perfect World Pictures, SongLiao Automobile

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