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  • Name: 楊穎 (杨颖) / Yeung Wing (Yang Ying)
  • English name: Angela Yeung
  • Stage name: Angelababy
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and model
  • Birthdate: 1989-Feb-28 (age 31)
  • Birthplace: Shanghai, China
  • Height: 167cm
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • Chinese zodiac: Snake
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: Younger brother Keven Yeung (楊帆), husband/actor/singer Huang Xiao Ming, and son Huang Hui Zhen (黄輝皓) (b. 2017-Jan-17)

TV Series[edit]

TV Series Theme Songs[edit]


Movie Soundtracks[edit]

  • Today You Will Marry Me (今天你要嫁给我) - Bride Wars (2015)
  • Can We Smile Together (都要微笑好吗) - First Time (2012)
  • Bottom of the Heart (海底之心) with JJ Lin - Love You You (2011)

Variety Shows[edit]

  • Clash Bots 机器人争霸 (2018) MC
  • King of Glory 王者出击 (2017) MC
  • Running Man 奔跑吧兄弟 (2014-present, China, as an MC)

Music Video Appearances[edit]


  • 2020 Weibo Awards Ceremony: Weibo Goddess
  • 2019 16th Esquire Man at His Best Awards: Most Popular Actress
  • 2019 Cosmo Glam Night: Person of The Year (Dream)
  • 2019 Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards: Most Charismatic Actress
  • 2018 Toutiao Awards: All-Rounded Artist
  • 2018 12th Tencent Video Star Awards: VIP Star
  • 2018 Weibo Award Ceremony:
    • Hot Search Artist
    • Philanthropy Contribution Award
  • 2017 Toutiao Awards:
    • Most Commercially Valuable Celebrity
    • Popular Actress of the Year
  • 2016 Weibo Awards Ceremony: Outstanding Charity Figure
  • 2016 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards: Best Supporting Actress The Ghouls
  • 2015 4th iQiyi All-Star Carnival: Rising Achievement Award
  • 2015 Cosmo Beauty Ceremony: Beautiful Idol Award
  • 2015 Weibo Awards Ceremony:
    • Weibo Queen
    • Weibo Goddess
  • 2015 3rd iQiYi All-Star Carnival: Asia All-Rounded Idol
  • 2014 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Attire Award
  • 2014 Sohu Fashion Awards: Most Beautiful Woman
  • 2014 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival: Most Popular Actress Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon
  • 2013 Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards: Most Charismatic Actress
  • 2013 13th Chinese Film Media Awards: Most Anticipated Actress The First Time
  • 2013 9th Huading Awards: Most Popular Actress Elected by Media
  • 2013 Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards: Most Charismatic Actress
  • 2013 Bazaar Jewelry Night: Charity Star Award
  • 2013 China's Women Media Awards: Breakthrough Female
  • 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Red Carpet Style
  • 2012 Fashion Power Awards: Trendy Public Figure
  • 2012 Sina Web Festival: Best Fashion Person
  • 2012 Sohu Fashion Awards: Most Beautiful Woman


  • Samsonite (2014)
  • C`sC (2013, jewelry)
  • 2%
  • Adidas
  • Bank of East Asia
  • Clarins
  • Colgate Toothpaste (China)
  • H2O+
  • Harbour City
  • L'Oreal Paris
  • McDonald's (Shanghai, Hong Kong)
  • Meters/bonwe
  • Mikami Salon
  • Motorola
  • PCCW
  • Pizza Hut
  • Shiseido
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • SmarTone-Vodafone
  • Toys Я Us
  • Yangshengtang Natural Vitamin C
  • BEAMS (Japan)
  • BeeTV (Japan)
  • Chesty (Japan)
  • Chou Chou Tresor (Japan)
  • Evian (Japan)
  • Laguna Moon (Japan)
  • Lee JEGGINS (Japan)
  • LUMINE (Japan)
  • moussy (Japan)
  • MURUA (Japan)
  • Snarl extra (Japan)
  • Vidal Sassoon (Japan)


  • Education: Notre Dame College (Hong Kong)
  • Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, English, Japanese, and Korean
  • Her father is half German and half Chinese and her mother is Chinese.
  • Angelababy as of 2017 has a net worth of $10 million.
  • She came up with her stage name by combining her legal English name "Angela" and a nickname given to her by family and friends "Baby."
  • Angelababy's father used to run an apparel store in Shanghai, that inspired her in always trying new looks and induced her interest in fashion.
  • She caught the attention of modeling agency Style International Management after her current manager saw a snapshot of her that was sent by a few classmates of Angelababy because of a joke, the manager contacted her and signed her with only 14 years old.
  • She made her debut in a Hollywood after making a cameo in 2015's Hitman: Agent 47.
  • A controversy arose when a cosmetic surgery clinic accused her of having undergone many surgeries. The cosmetic surgery clinic even referred to her as a "plastic doll". She sent a legal notice to the concerned company because of the allegations. She produced medical reports that established without a shadow of a doubt that her looks were in fact genuine.
  • Angelababy is prone to give money to charities. She donated once $ 2.6 million to a charity program to help young entrepreneurs.
  • One facet of Angelababy not everyone knows about is that she is a Businesswoman, she has made several business investments. She once opened a nail parlor and a lifestyle store. She also has invested in cafe chains with other friends in the entertainment business.
  • Other noteworthy investments are the ones she did for an e-commerce site Ymatouto and a beverage brand by the name "Heyjuice".
  • She danced for Jay Chou's concerts in Hong Kong during 2007-2008.
  • She was also chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily 2013 version as one of the "New Four Dan actresses" along with Liu Shi Shi, Ni Ni and Yang Mi.

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