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Constellation Women Series - Aquarius Women


  • Title: 星座愛情水瓶女 (星座爱情水瓶女) / Xing Zuo Ai Qing Shui Ping Nv
  • Also known as: 愛情有沒友 (爱情有没友) / Ai Qing You Mei You, Constellation Women Series - Aquarius Women
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast network: FTV
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Aug-30 to 2015-Nov-01
  • Air time: 22:00-23:30
  • Related shows: Constellation Women Series
  • Opening theme song: Fang Si Yi Xia (放肆一下) Presumptuous by Pets Tseng, Claire Kuo, Fang Wu, Jing Wen
  • Ending theme song: Bu Du Bu Hui (不讀不回) No Read No Back by Fang Wu
  • Insert song:
    • Hai You Ni (還有你) And You by Fang Wu
    • Yin Wei Ai (因為愛) Because Love by William Wei (韋禮安)
    • Zhe Yang Suan Bu Suan Ai Qing (這樣算不算愛情) Is This Count As Love? by Hope Yang (楊蒨時)


Can a good friend be an equally good lover? Ke You Rong (Kimi Hsia) fell in love with Wan Hong Zhi (Nicholas Teo) when they attended university together, but he liked her friend, Yi Xue. Putting her feelings for him in check, You Rong decided to set up Hong Zhi with Yi Xue and resigned herself to just being best friends with Hong Zhi. Years later even after Hong Zhi and Yi Xue broke up, You Rong has maintained the firm line of friendship with Hong Zhi. You Rong now works as a business development manager for an online mall and is oblivious to the fact that Hong Zhi has long begun to see her as more than a friend. When Hong Zhi sees Fu Bo Feng (Johnny Lu), a second-generation conglomerate businessman, also vie for You Rong’s attention, will he find the courage to express his true feelings?

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