Arsenal Military Academy

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Arsenal Military Academy


  • Title: 烈火军校 / Lie Huo Jun Xiao
  • English title: Arsenal Military Academy
  • Genre: Period, military, school
  • Episodes: 48
  • Broadcast network: iQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Aug-06
  • Original soundtrack: Arsenal Military Academy OST


In order to fulfill her dead brother's wish of enrolling into Arsenal Military Academy, Xie Xiang disguises as a guy and sneaks into the Academy to attend lessons. There, she meets two vastly different guys in Gu Yanzhen and Shen Junshan, as well as other like-minded friends. The youths work together to fend off their enemies, and in the process learn valuable life lessons.

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Young master of Gu Family. Proud, arrogant and playful.
Second son of Shen Family. Known for his intelligence and strong combat ability.
A famous celebrity. Spoilt, sassy and vain.
Arsenal Military Academy
  • Gao Yu Er as Jin Xianrong / Oda Hiroshi (voiced by Gao Qi Fan), leader of Japan Commerce Party. Likes Shen Junshan. Was raised in Prince Rong Manor as a child
  • Ma Ang as Fujiwara Ichiro (Teng Yuan Yi Lang) (voiced by Ma Zheng Yang), Oda Hiroshi's aide who later turns against her
  • Xiao Qiao as Xin Lan (voiced by Gao Yi Xue), Oda Hiroshi's attendant
  • Wang Kan as Lieutenant General Miyazawa (Gong Ze Zhong Jiang), Oda Hiroshi's foster father
  • Li Hua as Oda Yukihide (Zhi Tian Xiu Xing) (voiced by Feng Sheng), Oda Hiroshi's superior
  • Liu En Shang as Sato Kazuo (Zuo Teng Yi Fu) (voiced by Liu En Shang), former leader of Japan Commerce Party and subordinate of Oda Yukihide
  • Wang Xu Sheng as Zhen Tian Xin Yi, subordinate of Sato Kazuo
  • Zhang Chao as Kushi Koji (Chang Chuan Hao Er), a doctor who helped saved Shen Junshan's life
  • Li Yi Chen as Doctor Song Ben, a teacher in the Japanese camp
  • Zhang Hai Feng as Xiao Lin Da Zuo, commander of the Japanese camp
  • Zhou Dan Ni as San Pu Tian Mei, student of Doctor Song Ben
Xie Manor / People around Xie Xiang
Gu Manor / People around Gu Yanzhen
Shen Manor
  • Hong Yao as Shen Tingbai (voiced by Liu Yi Ming) , leader of Shun Yuan Commerce Party. Shen Junshan's brother and Qu Manting's fiance
  • Sun Tao as Manager Huang, housekeeper of Shen Manor
  • Shen Qi as Ben Zi, Shen Tingbai's aide
  • Sun Rong as Father Shen
Qu Manor / People around Qu Manting
Nan Shan Bar
  • Liu Min as Huo Xiaoyu (voiced by Zhang Kai), owner of Nan Shan Bar. A resourceful and well-connected man who manages various underground dealings. Likes Guo Shuting
  • Zheng Long as Xiao Liu, Huo Xiaoyu's subordinate
  • Chang Cheng as Xiao Dao, Huo Xiaoyu's subordinate
  • Ma Wen Chao as Zha Meng, Huo Xiaoyu's subordinate
Prince Rong Manor

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