Beautiful Life

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The Korean drama series "Life is Beautiful" (인생은 아름다워) is also known under the title "Beautiful Life".

Beautiful Life


  • Title: ビューティフルライフ
  • Title (English): Beautiful Life
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance, human drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership ratings: 31.86%
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2000-Jan-16 to 2000-Mar-26
  • Air time: Sunday 21:00
  • Theme song: Konya Tsuki no Mieru oka ni by B'z


Kyoko, a young woman with an unhindered spirit despite being physically bound to a wheelchair due to illness, and Shuji, a stylish and popular fashion magazine hairstylist, are brought together in a fateful traffic incident. Despite their confrontational meeting, they soon find themselves falling in love, with Shuji drawn to her courage and enthusiasm and Kyoko attracted to his ability to look beyond her physical limitations and into her heart. However, Kyoko's protective older brother and her worsening condition begin to test the bounds of their love for each other and threaten to end their beautiful life together.

User/Viewer Ratings[edit]

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Episode Ratings[edit]

  • Ep 01: 31.5%
  • Ep 02: 28.4%
  • Ep 03: 28.6%
  • Ep 04: 30.6%
  • Ep 05: 31.6%
  • Ep 06: 31.0%
  • Ep 07: 32.1%
  • Ep 08: 29.7%
  • Ep 09: 32.5%
  • Ep 10: 32.9%
  • Ep 11: 41.3%

Review by geoffropuff[edit]

geoffropuff says: See it

When I first started watching this show, I thought to myself, "a guy who styles hair and a handicapped librarian, BOOOOORING". However, being the drama fiend that I am, I toughed out the first few episodes, and found that I couldn't stop watching.

Kimura Takuya gives another one of his very convincing performances, possibly because this role is similar to all his other roles of the guy who keeps to himself, but in actuality, is a nice guy, blah, blah. He has a subtle coolness to his character, but is able to open up to the girl he cares about.

This is the first show that I've seen Takako Tokiwa in, and after seeing others, I can say that this is my favorite of her roles. She has a smile that can light up the room, and she does a very good job playing a handicapped person who doesn't want to be treated abnormally because of her handicap. If that didn't make sense, then I'm very sorry but that's the best way I can say it.

At some points, this show was a bit slow for the average drama watcher. However, I found that these "slow" points were just developing the characters to an extent that the viewer can really feel their happiness and pain. I could really feel for the character of Takumi when he acts the way he does. I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

The ending theme song "Konya Tsuki no Mieru oka ni" by B'z is a good one. I don't know why it fits this show, but at the end of an episode, I would sit and listen to the ending theme because I enjoyed listening to it.

I'm a sap for romantic comedies, love stories, or whatever, so I really enjoyed this show. If you're into this sort of thing, I'd definitely recommend this show. If you're not, I'd still recommend it. Maybe your girlfriend might like it.


  • Beautiful Life holds the record for most awards won from The Television Drama Academy Awards


  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Drama
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actor: Kimura Takuya
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actress: Tokiwa Takako
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor: Watabe Atsuro
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting: Actress: Mizuno Miki
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Newcomer: Nishikawa Takanori
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Screenwriter: Kitagawa Eriko
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Director: Shono Jiro
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Theme Song
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Cast
  • 24th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Opening

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