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Begin Again


  • Title: 从结婚开始恋爱 / Cong Jie Hun Kai Shi Lian Ai
  • English title: Begin Again
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 35
  • Broadcast network: Mango TV
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-29 to 2020-Dec-5
  • Original soundtrack: Begin Again OST


Lu Fangning is the CEO of Luming Organization, a large corporation in the business of home furniture. She is rich, capable and beautiful, and firmly believes that money and earning money is the most important thing in life. Thus despite nearing thirty, she is still single. Her plans of expanding her business locally is disrupted by her family, who pressurizes her to find a husband and have a child. At this time, surgeon Ling Rui appears infront of her. Ling Rui is handsome, intelligent and gentle; and is seen as a perfect husband candidate for Lu Fangning. Thus, Lu Fangning tries all kinds of ways to pursue Ling Rui, including seducing him. Ling Rui appears uninterested, but is actually looking for an opportunity to "retaliate".

Eventually, the couple manage to walk down the aisle. After marriage, Lu Fangning tries changing her stubborn ways and slowly, begins a sincere relationship with Ling Rui. However with the onslaught of problems from their families and career, the couple begin to drift apart. Thoughts of divorce begin to sprout from Lu Fangning, but Ling Rui is persistent in holding onto the marriage. Slowly, Lu Fangning begins to realize the true meaning of love and marriage, and decides to work with Ling Rui to create a better future.

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Correlation Chart
Lu Family
  • Ma Jun as Lu Wenbin, Lu Fangning's father
  • Yuan Zhi Bo as Yang Yi, Lu Wenbin's wife. Mother of Lu Fangyu, step-mother of Lu Fangning and Lu Yue
  • Xiao Ran as Lu Fangyu, Lu Fangning's younger brother
  • Du Yu Chen as Lu Yue, Lu Fangning's elder sister
Lu Ming Organization
Ling Rui's family


The drama is a remake of the Thai drama Samee Ngern Phon.

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