Bodyguard OST

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Bodyguard OST[edit]

  • Title: 보디가드 OST / Bodyguard OST
  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Language: Korean
  • Release Date: 2003-Jul-25
  • Number of Tracks: 20
  • Publisher: 쿠키엔터테인먼트 (Cookie Entertainment)
Track Listing
No. Song Title Artist
1. Coolio! (Cool 하게!) (Latin Ver.) Slam (슬램)
2. Love is Beautiful, Isn't It? (사랑은 아름답죠) Myung In Hee (명인희)
3. Ever Since That Day (그날 이후로) Lee Min Young (이민영)
4. I Said I Love You (사랑한다고 말했잖아요) JeA
5. You're My Hero De Warp (드왑)
6. Coolio! (Cool 하게!) (Club Mix Ver.) Maya (마야)
7. It's In the Bag Melrose
8. Tonight... Set Free~ (Tonight... 날려버러~) Slam (슬램)
9. If I Try to Wish for Only You (그대만 바라보면) Lee Min Young (이민영)
10. Coolio! (Cool 하게!) (Rock Ver.) De Warp (드왑)
11. Coolio! (Cool 하게!) (Latin Ver.) Shim Shin (심신)
12. Hi-Five!!! Slam (슬램)
13. La Fuerza De La Gravedad Javier Rios (자비에 라이오스)
14. Coolio! (Cool 하게!) (House Ver.) Slam (슬램)
15. Enamorate De Mi Javier Rios (자비에 라이오스)
16. Love is Beautiful, Isn't It? (사랑은 아름답죠) (Inst.) Lee Sung Ryul (이성렬)
17. Coolio! (Cool 하게!) TST (티 에스 티)
18. Spanish Fly (Inst.) Manos Vafeladis
19. Lie for You Turtleman (터틀맨) & Z.E.
20. Until the Day You Come (그대 오는 날까지) Park Se Joon (박세준)

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