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Boy Hood


  • Title: 我们的少年时代 (我們的少年時代) / Wo Men De Shao Nian Shi Dai
  • English Title: Boy Hood
  • Also known as: 我们的十六岁 / Our Sixteen Year Old
  • Genre: School, sport
  • Episodes: 39
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV
  • Broadcast period: 2017-Jul-09 to 2017-Jul-31
  • Airtime: Monday to Sunday
  • Opening theme song: Jia You! Amigo (加油!Amigo) Go! Amigo by TFBoys
  • Ending theme song:
    • Wo Hai Pa (我害怕) I Afraid by Xue Zhi Qian
    • Ying Huo (螢火) Firefly by TFBoys
  • Insert songs:
    • Yang Guang Bu Xiu (阳光不锈) Sunshine Will Never Fade by Wang Yuan (王源)
    • Xin Yang Zhi Ming (信仰之名) In The Name of Faith by TFBoys
    • You Are My Sunshine by Fang Yuan (方圆)
    • Zai Jian An Da (再見安打) by Danson Tang
    • Shi Ni (是你) It's You by TFBoys


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